Favorite Ride at Animal Kingdom Park for this Vacation Planner

Lion Photo from this Vacation Planners favorite ride
The Rarely Seen Lioness at Animal Kingdom Park
Rare siting of Male Lion at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Anyone who knows me knows I love animals so no trip to Walt Disney World is complete without going to Animal Kingdom Park.  There are so many very fun things to do in this park and with the advent of Pandora, the list just got longer.  I know that as a Vacation Planner specializing in all things Disney, I really should not have favorites, and technically I will go to any park pretty much anytime, but…that said, I love the Safari Ride.  

In fairness, I have not yet ridden the Avatar Flight of Passage, which I am pretty sure I will enjoy, however, since it falls into a “fantasy” category I will probably not lose my love for the Safari Ride.  We have had an opportunity to enjoy the Na’vi River Journey which was beautiful, but I still find I love to see the animals.  Naturally, a vacation planner has to ride all the rides, right? So it is on the list.  

Animal Kingdoms grazing animals
Amazing Animals Grazing
This vacation planner loves Ankole Cattle
Ankole Cattle

The Safari Ride is called Kilimanjaro Safaris, and it is located in the African section of the park.  The ride is meant to depict a safari through the Harambe Wildlife Reserve in East Africa.   It simulates the various terrain around the Safi River valley and the open bush country of the Serengeti Savanna.  African animals on view during the ride include real live elephants, giraffes, antelopes, gazelles, crocodiles, monkeys, hippopotamus, lions, cheetahs, hyenas, African wild dogs, warthogs, ostriches, rhinoceroses, ducks, storks, pelicans, flamingos, wildebeests, okapis, and zebras.  During the ride, the driver points out animals and provides facts about the various animals we view.  As I say, this ride gets two thumbs up from this vacation planner!

This Vacation Planner loves to watch the great apes
Great Apes Exhibit

Even though the ride rarely changes, the animals are always interesting to watch.  Speaking strictly as a vacation planner, the best time to take the ride is first thing in the morning when the park opens.  We usually go through the entrance lineup and head straight for the ride, which, as a bonus,  eliminates too long a line.  The animals are usually more active in the morning so there is a better chance of catching them on camera.  It also does not hurt to fast pass this ride, and for my clients who love animals, I have them fast pass it for later in the day to see different animals out and about. 

Vacation Planner on Africa Trek tour
Africa Trek Tour Hanging Bridge

We have also done the more personalized Africa Trek tour and when my clients ask me to suggest something fun, I suggest they purchase this tour.  On this smaller, private tour we walked along a grassland path crossed a rope bridge and rode in a rugged safari vehicle across the savanna.  We had great opportunities to see and photograph animals much closer than the main attraction ride.  We also had a personal tour guide share information about the animals in more detail as well as learn about the park’s dedication to animal conservation.  We enjoyed an interesting African lunch on the Savanna.  I highly recommend this tour for anyone who loves animals and wants to enhance the park visit. 

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is full of amazing things to do, so stop back as I share some of the other fun things to do in the park.  And when you are ready to plan your next vacation to any Disney Destination remember to contact Sharon Schierling, your Vacation Planner specializing in all things Disney.  






An Authorized Disney Travel Planner’s Favorite Disney Trivia

Walt Disney World has been around for a long time and has an amazing and interesting history.  True Disney fans, as well as, this travel planner love all things Disney are fascinated by the little know facts and trivia about Disney.   I thought I would pick out a few things that I have found particularly interesting in my quest for knowledge of all things Disney.    

  • Because it is tremendously expensive to clean up gum from under park benches, tables or any other place it gets stuck, Disney does not sell gum in any of its parks or resorts.  
  • Hidden Mickey’s can be found everywhere.  A hidden Mickey is the 3 circle silhouette of the head and ears of Mickey Mouse disguised and subtly hidden in decor, rock formations, table settings and designs of all sorts. Thousands of hidden Mickey’s have been recorded and more included with each park update.  You can even buy books to help you track them all down.  
  • Guests in Walt Disney World are never more than 30 steps away from a trash can.
  • “Mortimer Mouse” was the original name of Mickey Mouse before Walt Disney’s wife, Lillian, convinced him to change it.
  • The First Disneyland Admission Ticket ever sold was purchased for $1 US  in 1955.
  • Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney theme park outside of the U.S. It was opened in April 1983.                                                                                                                         
  • Picture by Authorized Travel Planner Sharon Schierling
    Epcot’s The Land Tour

    More than 30 tons of fruits and vegetables are grown at The Land pavilion at Epcot and are served in Walt Disney World restaurants.

  • The “Liberty Oak,” which is the focal point of the Liberty Square area in the Magic Kingdom, is the proud parent of more than 500 young trees. They all started out as acorns harvested from the majestic oak.
  • 450,000 mowing miles are traveled each year to maintain 2,000 acres of turf. For the record, those mower miles are the equivalent of 18 trips around Earth at the equator.
  • Each year a horticulture staff plants 3 million bedding plants and annuals and
    Picture by Authorized Travel Planner Sharon Schierling
    One of many Amazing Topiaries at Epcot

    maintains millions of other plants including more than 4 million shrubs, 13,000 roses, and more than 200 topiary.

  • Stormalong Bay, Disney’s Beach Club Resort swimming area, holds 750,000 gallons of water, making it the largest sand-bottom pool in the world.
  • The fountain at Epcot Innoventions Plaza can shoot water 150 feet in the air — within 30 feet of the top of Spaceship Earth. If all of the shooters were fired at once, there would be 2,000 gallons of water in the air.
  • Spaceship Earth, the visual and thematic centerpiece of Epcot, weighs 16
    Picture by Authorized Travel Planner Sharon Schierling
    Spaceship Earth

    million pounds — more than three times that of a space shuttle fully fueled and ready for launch. The outer “skin” of Spaceship Earth is made up of 11,324 aluminum and plastic-alloy triangles. Also, did you know that rainwater never falls off the sphere? It’s channeled into the ball and funneled away.

It is not necessary to know all the trivia around Disney to have a fun time.  It is important, however, to plan your trip well to get the most out of the time and money you spend.  With the help of a travel planner whose primary focus is helping you get the exact vacation you want you can save both time and money.  A travel planner costs the clients nothing, but the benefits are priceless.  As an Authorized Disney Travel Planner, I help you navigate the resort options, travel to and from the airport, figuring out how to feed the group, fast pass arrangements and all the little extras your group will enjoy.  

Park Hopper Ticket at Walt Disney World

Visit Walt Disney World's  Epcot Park in the Morning...
Visit Walt Disney World’s Epcot Park in the Morning…

When visiting Walt Disney World® Parks, the three pieces of your trip that need to be considered before we start building your itinerary, your resort reservation, your park tickets, either the Base Ticket or the Park Hopper Ticket,  and whether or not you will use a meal plan.

One of the confusing pieces of the trip puzzle for many people is choosing the right ticket package, the Base Ticket or the Park Hopper Ticket.  If you leave that until you get to the park, it can be very confusing standing in line trying to make the right choice.   That is why I like to help my clients with these choices before they begin the trip.  Let’s look at your options available.   

  • The Magic Your Way Base Ticket at Walt Disney World allows you to visit one park per day for the number of days the ticket was purchased. For example, if you bought a three-day ticket, you could visit one of the parks each day for three days.  You can come and go at that park that day, but not to other parks that day.  If you tried to go to more than one park on any given day, you would not be able to enter.
  • The Magic Your Way Base Ticket with Park Hopper® Option at Walt Disney World allows you to visit multiple parks in one day. As you can imagine, this option costs a little more. However; the good news is the additional cost is a flat fee per ticket, regardless of the number of days purchased.

So what is the advantage to adding the Park Hopper Ticket feature? That depends a little on your situation.  The Park Hopper feature offers a level of flexibility, time management when we build your schedule.  However one can have lots of fun either way.  

With the Magic Your Way Base Ticket, you can simply plan to go to your park of choice for that day.  If you go early and stay late it could be exhausting, but you are able to leave and come back to that park later.  For example, go to the Magic Kingdom when it opens and visit your favorite rides, then go back to your resort and relax by the pool.  Return later and take in more rides on your favorites list, and stay for the fireworks at night.

That all sounds great and anyone can have lots of fun using the base ticket, so don’t be discouraged if your budget only allows for the base ticket.  This is “The Magic Kingdom” after all, you are still going to have fun.  

Use the Walt Disney World Park Hopper Ticket to visit the Light Show at The Animal Kingdom Park in the evening.
Use the Walt Disney World Park Hopper Ticket to visit the Light Show at The Animal Kingdom Park in the evening.

But there are some benefits to the Park Hopper Ticket feature to consider and the primary benefit is the flexibility it gives your trip.  By using the Park Hopper feature you can take advantage of crowd patterns in various parks to cut down on lines, making the trip a bit more leisurely.  By going to the Magic Kingdom® Park when it opens, you can enjoy the popular attractions before the lines get too long. Then, by using the Park Hopper Ticket you can take a mid-day break before heading over to the Epcot® World Showcase for touring of the countries and a leisurely dinner. The next day you could go to Epcot® in the morning for the popular attractions there and then visit  Disney’s HollywoodStudiosTM later in the day. Repeat this for four days and your Park Hopper option will allow you to enjoy at least eight park-visit variations during your four-day vacation. 

If, as we suggest, you stay at a Walt Disney World® Property,  you will also be able to take advantage of the Extra Magic Hours benefit.   Extra Magic Hours means Disney has added extra park access, or extended open hours, to a selected park either in the morning or at night.  By coupling this feature with the Park Hopper option, you can be at one park early in the morning, then when it starts to get busy you can move to another park or spend time at your resort then go to Extra Magic hours that evening in another park.  It takes a little planning on your trip, but this can greatly enhance your Disney experience by allowing you to enjoy more attractions and fewer lines.  

Whether or not you add the Park Hopper feature is a personal preference. Hopefully, you now you have more information to make a decision you and your traveling companions can feel comfortable with. Good news though, if you choose the Magic Your Way Base Ticket and decide during your trip you want to add the Park Hopper feature, you can!  Guest Relations in any park will be able to help you.

Discover the magic of Walt Disney World® Resorts and parks on a Walt Disney World® family vacation, and share the joy of Mickey Mouse and company with your kids. Let Ears of Experience plan the perfect Disney trip for you and your loved ones. Contact us today at 214-264-7146. We look forward to “helping you create your own mouse magic.”

A Travel Planner’s Favorite Activities in Disney World

Travel Planner Favorite Number One - Cinderellas Castle
Travel Planner Favorite Number One – Cinderellas Castle

As a travel planner for Disney destinations, when I am at Disney World I like to spend time trying to see all the parks from the perspective of my clients, many of whom are there for the first time.   I try to take pictures from all kinds of angles just to be a little different.  I highly recommend when you take your first trip having one of the many Disney photographers take your picture in front of the castle.  They do a great job and you can always buy it if yours does not turn out the way you would like. 

Fireworks Over the Castle
Fireworks Over the Castle
Other Ways to View the Castle
Other Ways to View the Castle






But experimenting with other ways to capture the castle if fun too. 

Travel Planner Favorite Number Two - Topiaries

As an amateur gardener, I love the gardens in all over the parks.  Epcot has the most topiaries but they can be found all over in all the parks.  I am always amazed at what the professionals can do.  

Disney Travel Planner Favorite Number Three - The Animals at Animal Kingdom
Travel Planner Favorite Number Three – The Animals at the Animal Kingdom

The safari ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park offers the most amazing selection of animals that we don’t necessarily see in everyday life.  The male lion is very hard to catch awake so this photo was fun to catch.                                                                                                                       

Disney World Travel Planner Favorite Number Four - Taking a Long Walk Away for the park Crowds
Travel Planner Favorite Number Four – Taking a Long Walk Away for the park Crowds

                                                                                                                                                                     Taking a walk away from the crowds at the parks can be very relaxing.  If you take the boat to the Wilderness Camp Ground you can walk through the camp grounds and you can find this great trail that takes you to Wilderness Lodge. 

Disney Travel Planner Favorite Activity Number 5 - Going to see the Disney Horses.
Travel Planner Favorite Activity Number Five – Going to see the Disney Horses.

On your way through the camp grounds, you can stop by the ranch where all the horse that you see pulling carriages all around the Magic Kingdom spend their free time.  You can see them being groomed or just hanging out enjoying life.  I love to go and check on them whenever we are there.  

Disney Travel Planner Favorite Activity Number Six - Fireworks
Travel Planner Favorite Activity Number Six – Fireworks

And of course, no “favorites list” would be complete without fireworks.  I love all the fireworks shows at Walt Disney World and we try to make time to see fireworks in all the parks at least once during any trip.  

A Walt Disney World vacation can be whatever you want it to be.  These are just a few of the fun things I like to do when I am there.  I sure you can come up with your own amazing mouse magic.  

Eight Reasons to Choose a Disney Cruise Experience

The Disney Cruise Line - Disney Fantasy
The Disney Cruise Line – Disney Fantasy

Recently Disney Cruise Line announced that they will be adding three ships to their fleet.   This is exciting news indeed for people who love the Disney Cruise experience.   

When I talk about taking a Disney Cruise many people are unaware that Disney offers cruises.  But Disney does indeed offer cruises and they are just a lot of fun.  If you have never considered taking a Disney Cruise let me give you a few reasons to consider it.  

  • A Disney cruise offers destinations to please almost everyone.  As Disney cruise line has grown, so has their list of destinations.  They offer destinations to East and West Carribean, Bahamas, Europe, Mexico, Alaska, California coast, New England coast and Canada, Panama Canal and a Transatlantic cruise.  These cruises leave from 12 different ports
  • Disney cruises are all about families, which should be no surprise to anyone.  But they offer something for every age and make it possible for families spend time separately and together.  Children of all ages enjoy age-appropriate activities, and parents can enjoy some relaxing time alone as well.  
  •  While children are enjoying fun activities under the watchful eye of qualified Disney child-care givers, parents can enjoy adult-only pools and spa areas, and even stay in shape at the sports and fitness center. 
  • Guests enjoy unique onboard entertainment every evening featuring an amazing live musical show every evening in the Disney Theatre.  There are also night clubs and live shows all around the ship.  There is also a theater on board that shows the latest Disney productions.  
  • A Disney cruise offers fun open-air music and dance extravaganzas that deliver excitement with a dose of Disney enchantment.  Shows include Star Wars at Sea, the Sail Away Celebration, Pirate night, and the Pixar Pals party.  The deck parties often include a Disney fireworks at sea show, which is spectacular.
  • While all cruises include wonderful food, Disney is unique in that they offer a different dining theme every night in one of several themed dining rooms.  The wait staff follows their table guests from dining room to dining room each evening, getting to know exactly what each guest prefers.  Additionally, each ship offers a couple of separate fine dining restaurants where guests can enjoy gourmet food and fine wines in an adult atmosphere.  24-hour room service is also available for times when you just want to stay in for a meal. 
  • You can enjoy a Disney cruise even if you don’t have small children.  The first class dining, relaxing adult-only areas, entertainment, and interesting destinations make a Disney cruise a great choice for anyone.  Disney does everything with excellence and taking a cruise sponsored by Disney means that you can trust them with the details.
  • They take care of everything.  Ground transportation is provided to make sure you get to your selected port.  Information is readily available to make sure you are completely comfortable with the process.

These are just a few of the most obvious reasons to talk to your travel planner about taking a Disney cruise.   The main reason we never cruise with anyone else is the level of excellence that Disney carries through to their cruising experiences.  We feel safe and comfortable on board and off because Disney handles the details and makes sure your time with them is indeed “magical”.

Why Choose a Walt Disney Resort When Visiting Disney World?

Grand Floridian Resort a Luxury Walt Disney Resort
Grand Floridian Resort a Luxury Walt Disney Resort

 Many people love the fun of planning their own vacations from beginning to end.  I have to admit, I love that as well.  Figuring out the best places to go, nice places to eat and new experiences to try, all get me excited.  And after planning a few trips, it seems like there is no need to ask for help.  However, when it comes to planning a Disney vacation, doing it all yourself and not choosing to book at a Walt Disney Resort can cost you time and more importantly money.

I did some research recently when I was getting a quote for one of my customers.  When I work up a quote I utilize the Disney Agent’s portal that I use to check availability and cost of Walt Disney resorts, tickets, dining etc.   I thought I would simultaneously plan this trip as if I were doing it on my own.   

My client is looking for a time early in 2018 for Walt Disney World and I started by looking for something through Expedia.  I found a few hotels in the Orlando area comparable in price to the value, median and luxury resorts available from Disney.  I did this because many people believe that they can save money on a Disney vacation by staying on a non-Disney property.  What they don’t realize is that Disney has a resort for every budget and I was easily able to match the prices from non-Disney resorts.  Although there are many really nice resorts in the Orlando area if vacationers want to spend time in the Disney Parks, staying at a Disney Resort has other advantages.  Guests of Disney Resorts enjoy:

  •  Complimentary transportation to and from Orlando airport via Magical Express.
  • Free pickup and delivery of luggage at Orlando airport.
  • Free parking
  • Early access to Fast Passes and Dining reservations
  • Complimentary transportation from parks to resorts
  • Access to extra Magic hours at all the parking
  • All Disney Resort offer interesting and fun themes that allow all the magic to stay with you when you leave the parks.
  • If you utilize the services of a vacation planner for Disney Destinations if there are any new specials announced from Disney for the time you are booked, we ensure that our clients save that money too. 
  • A travel planner is able to put together a package through the Walt Disney resort being booked.  We can literally build the vacation for a client, adding park tickets, meal plans and so on.  Disney has the Vacation Your Way packages that can save money for our clients and they certainly save time. 
  • Clients can access their vacation through the My Disney Experience software and see all their plans laid out for them day-by-day.

Planning a vacation is a lot of fun, but it can also be very overwhelming.  Asking for a little help can make your Disney experience all you hope it will be.  

10 Tips for Surviving the Heat at Walt Disney World in Summer

Magic Kingdom Main Street - Walt Disney World
Magic Kingdom Main Street – Walt Disney World

Many folks like to escape winter with a visit to Florida and Walt Disney World and that is a great time to visit.  Crowds are less and it is not nearly as hot as the summer time.  Others do not have the luxury of going in the winter, either because of work or school restraints, therefore they come in summer.   Although summer in most of the US or Canada can be quite hot, the humidity in Florida and Walt Disney World can unexpectedly derail one’s vacation if the proper precautions are not taken.  Visitors coming from other parts of the world where summer is a pleasant time of year with only intermittent periods of super heat will be taken even more off guard.  Here are a few tips to help make your vacation a little more pleasant.  

  • Plan to do most of your activities at the Walt Disney World parks early in the morning and take advantage of all the early and late “magic hours” available.  Careful planning around the magic hours will allow for the minimum amount of time spent in long lines in the heat.  A 90-degree day, although bearable in most places, is excruciating when 90% humidity is added.  The dry heat really is better than wet heat.
  • Carefully plan to take advantage of your Fast Passes.  This is the time of year you want to make sure that you plan your fast passes at Walt Disney World parks on the first day that your reservation allows you to plan them.  Remember staying on a Walt Disney World property allows you to plan further out than if you are on a non-Disney property.
  • Utilize the water parks. Disney offers two places you can get wet all day.  Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.  If ever there was a time to add water parks to your ticket option, summer in Orlando is one of them.
  • If going to the water parks is not an option, plan to spend most of the afternoon at the pool in your resort.  All Disney resorts offer amazing pools that are large and made for families.  Children love the water and if you spend the morning at a park, take the afternoon off and visit the pool.  Your kids will have tons of fun and you can refresh yourself as well.  
  • If you must be at a park, plan some indoor activities.  The Animal Kingdom Park has some shows that are all indoors with air conditioning and they have Kali River water ride, which is sure to get you wet.  The Magic Kingdom also has some attractions like Hall of Presidents, Philharmagic, It;s a Small World to name a few.  The Epcot World Showcase has many pavilions to go into to get some AC as well.  Hollywood Studios also has a few attractions with AC but less so than the other parks.  Be sure to utilize your Fast Passes for these kinds of attractions in the afternoon so you don’t stand outside in line to get into the rides or shows. 
  • Take water with you where ever you go.  I recommend adults get a water back pack like bikers and hikers wear so they don’t have to carry theirs and their children’s water.  
  • Take lots of breaks, don’t try to rush through the parks in the heat.
  • Carry as little as possible.  I see people carrying so much with them into the parks, this is the time of year to become a minimalist.  When I visit WDW I don’t even carry a handbag.  I take a credit card and id and my phone.  If you have children in strollers, use the stroller to carry extra stuff, don’t carry it all yourself. 
  • The plastic strollers that can be rented at the parks will get hot when left in the sun, be sure your little ones don’t burn themselves hopping back in after a ride.  
  • Take small children back to the resort for a little nap in the heat of the day.  When little children are stuffed in a stroller in the heat, we don’t realize how hot they can be, so taking them for a little nap can make all the difference in how much they enjoy the parks.  

Planning an Amazing Disney Vacation

Fireworks is a Cornerstone of a Disney Vacation
Fireworks is a Cornerstone of a Disney Vacation

When I tell folks I am a travel planner for Disney Destinations I get a lot of responses.  Mostly everyone thinks it must be fun to plan Disney trip, but some also wonder what I really do.  I mean how hard can it be to plan a Disney vacation right?   However the key to any successful vacation is in the planning, and this is certainly true of a  Disney vacation.   A Disney vacation is no longer just rides and cotton candy, Disney is an experience, with attractions to suit every taste and fan.  There are some advantages to gaining the assistance of a travel planner familiar with Disney Destinations.  Here are just a few of those advantages.

  • You speak to the same person all the time.  I know that is a small thing, but when you use a vacation planner, you have a name and number to call who will remember the last conversation.  I stick with you from the beginning to the end of the vacation. 
  • A Disney travel planner saves you time.  Whether you are traveling to one of the Disney Parks around the world, taking a Cruise with Disney or doing one of the amazing “Adventures by Disney” tours, there are a lot of choices to be made.  There are perks available to make your trip go more smoothly and little extras that make your trip just a little more special for someone in your group.   My job is to make your trip easier and more convenient, and those details take time and insider knowledge, which I give you back.
  • As a travel planner, I monitor your trip reservation from the time it is booked until the vacation is completed.  Disney changes specials about every 3 months, so if something better comes along, I can help you make the changes necessary to save you money.
  • If someone has been thinking about taking a Disney vacation, I can monitor the specials as they come out to get them the best deals Disney has to offer.
  • Disney also offers little extras that are available as perks for their visitors, but unless you are watching Disney news all the time, they are easy to miss.  I keep you informed so you don’t miss a thing.   
  • The best advantage to my clients is that I am paid by the vendors I utilize and my services are free to the clients.  

Disney is in the business of helping people build life long memories for their families.  They provide amazing vacation opportunities and I help you make the most of what a Disney vacation has to offer.  

4 Things to Know About Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Zebras at Feeding Time - Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
Zebras at Feeding Time – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is a deluxe resort and is the most remote of their resorts because it is located on the Savannah.  It is a few minutes by bus to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and is truly one of the most enjoyable and relaxing places to take a vacation.  Here are a few things to consider when you stay at this 21-acre wildlife reserve resort.   

  • What is so amazing about this resort is that there are all kinds of animals to view from the Savannah facing rooms.  This resort takes animal lovers to a new level of enjoyment.  One can sit out on the patio and enjoy the animals grazing or eating their dinner.   The main lodge also has a beautiful outdoor viewing area that can be enjoyed on public patios or at ground level.  One can also get up very early in the morning and view the animals as the wake-up.  
  • There are two resort areas, the Animal Kingdom Lodge and Disney’s Kadani Village.  Because Disney wanted to allow for the optimum in animal viewing they built the resort in semi circles, allowing the most rooms possible to view the animals.  
  • A striking feature of the resort is their amazing African decor.  Disney, known for its excellence in everything they touch, has left no stone is left unturned in giving this resort the feeling that you have stepped into African village.  From the music to the art and furnishings,  the entire resort takes you to another world.  At various times of the day or evening, one can sit out on several large patios and view giraffes, zebras, ankole cattle, ostrich, gazelle and various birds.   
  • If you want authentic African dining experience there are some amazing restaurants to choose from.  Boma, Flavors of African is an amazing buffet filled with a variety of African foods with some American favorites served at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  For Indian/African cuisine try Sanaa at Kidani Village.  One can also try signature dining with Jiko.  

Animal Kingdom Lodge is a wonderfully relaxing place to stay, in the main lodge or at Kidani Village.  Both have great pools and relaxing vistas.  Choosing this resort means that one is close to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park and its new attraction Pandora and the World of Avatar.  Additionally, Disney has added an amazing night light show which is well worth visiting.  No matter when you stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge, you will love it. 

Contact Sharon when you are ready to plan your perfect Disney Destination experience. 


Four New Exciting Disney Announcements

Walt Disney World is always trying to keep their attractions interesting and fresh for their visitors.   Disney keeps both their attractions and resorts fresh and new so every time we visit it is a new experience.  They just made 4 announcements that should be fun to explore and make travel planners smile.

  •  City Street at Hollywood StudiosWe have known for some time that Toy Story Land is coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.   Bob Chapek, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts announced that the Disney Travel NewsIn 2018, you’ll find yourself shrunk to the size of a toy to explore the world of Andy’s backyard with your favorite Toy Story characters, including Woody and Buzz. And Toy Story Land will feature two new themed attractions.  Slinky Dog Dash will be a family coaster attraction where you’ll zip, dodge and dash around many turns and drops that Andy has created to really make Slinky and his coils stretch to his limits.  Alien Swirling Saucers will also be a new attraction at Toy Story Land. It’s designed as a toy play set that Andy got from Pizza Planet, inspired by the first “Toy Story” film. Aliens are flying around in their toy flying saucers and trying to capture your rocket toy vehicle with ‘The Claw,’ ” 
  • And in Disneyland News, Bob Chapek also revealed the official name of the Star Wars-inspired lands that are currently under construction at the Disneyland® and Walt Disney World® Resorts and shared that visitors will be able to enjoy these attractions in 2019.  
  • Epcot Disney Travel News also reported that ” Epcot® at Walt Disney World® Resort will receive not one, but two new attractions inspired by popular films.  A “Guardians of the Galaxy”- inspired attraction will be added to Future World, adhering to the original vision of Epcot’s Future World as the place to experience the excitement and adventure offered by space travel.  And, a Disney•Pixar’s “Ratatouille”- inspired attraction will also be added to the France Pavilion in World Showcase.”
  • Disney Cruise ShipAnd finally, for those of you who love to cruise Disney has some amazing news.   Disney Cruise Line is planning not two, but three new ships in the next phase of expansion. That means more families than ever before will be visiting spectacular destinations around the globe and creating magical memories at sea!

With all this new activity going on in the parks there has never been a better time to plan your next magical vacation.