Walt Disney World Fast Pass Tips!

Getting to Your Favorite Ride Is Very Important!
At Walt Disney World Getting to Your Favorite Ride Is Very Important and the Fast Pass helps you Enjoy the Magic quicker!

Over the years Walt Disney World has developed many ways of helping guests get the most of their time spent in the parks.  The latest development is the advent of the Fast Pass.  In the not-too-distant past, a Fast Pass was obtained by taking one’s entrance card to the nearest Fast Pass dispensing machine and selecting the rides for which a Fast Pass was desired.  It always meant that when entering a Walt Disney World park, that one member of the party did a mad rush to a machine with the cards for the entire party in hand.  Usually the most “fleet-of-foot” in the party was elected to the task.  

Walt Disney World created The Magic Bands and My Disney Experience App to make Getting a Fast Pass a Breeze.
Walt Disney World created The Magic Bands and My Disney Experience App to make Getting a Fast Pass a Breeze.

Today, Walt Disney World has invented the Magic Band and My Disney Experience app, the process has been much simplified.  One can actually make Fast Pass selections in advance of the trip, making the entrance into the parks much more leisurely.  

There are some key things to think about when choosing your Fast Passes, even in advance.  Here are a few tips for those of you who prefer to do your own planning. 

  • At 7:00 am 60 days prior to your arrival date at a Disney resort, your party can reserve up to 3 Fast Passes per day (equal to the number of days you have on the park tickets in your My Disney Experience account).  You cannot choose to have more than one Fast Pass per attraction.  Once you choose your Fast Passes they will automatically link to your Magic Band.
  • Fast Pass selection for Epcot and Hollywood Studios are available in two tiers.  The tiers are determined by the popularity of the attraction so you can only pick one attraction from tier one and your remaining 2 (of 3 per day) selections must be made from tier 2.  Test Track, Frozen, and Soarin’ are in tier one in Epcot.  Toy Story and Rockin’ Roller Coaster are in Tier one at Hollywood Studios.  
  •  Once you have used all 3 of your initial FastPasses, you can select another fast pass for another attraction – one at a time and based on availability. 
  • Additional Fast Pass selections can be made within the app on your smartphone or you can visit a My Magic kiosk.   Please note: before you can select additional Fast Passes, your 3 pre-selected FastPasses for the day must all be used or expired.  
  • Remember that if you get to the park at opening the lines for many rides will be much shorter.  Choose to Fast Pass attractions later in the day or to maximize the number of attractions you can get to and still avoid lengthy wait times.

Although Disney has made it easier than ever to get your magical vacation in place, not everyone has the time for all the details.  Your Mouse Expert can help you plan the perfect vacation.  Services are free and can save you both time and money.  Click here to get more information or request a quote. 

Can I Take This into Disney Parks?

With the world being what it is, the folks at Walt Disney World have taken some measures to ensure the safety of guests and cast members.  With that in mind, visitors will note that there is increased security and bag searching at each of the Disney parks.  Proactive visitors should know that they should avoid trying to take things into the park that may get turned back at the gate.  So many people are asking “what can it take into Disney Parks?”  This short blog will give you some ideas of the items likely to be turned away.  

Items That May Surprise You when You Ask “Can I Take This into Disney Parks?

Can I Take This Into Disney Parks? - NO!
Can I Take This Into Disney Parks? – NO!

Selfie sticks – although these are not a security risk, they can be annoying and Disney has determined that they will cause confusion and traffic jams that could be avoided, 

Wagons – you will see a sea of strollers at any Disney park but never a wagon.

Shoes with built in wheels – although I am not sure how these shoes would be identfied at the gate unless someone “wheels” through the gate, they are none-the-less prohibited.  If one does wear them, I would suggest that you could be asked to leave if you start wheeling around.  Cast members consider they are a risk for running into others inadvertently, and cast members are never far from sight and they take their jobs very seriously.  

Folding chairs – I know that it would be wonderful to have a chair for the parade, but can you imagine the kaos if we could.

Items That Will Make You Glad They Aren’t Allowed

Skateboards – I have never seen anyone try to bring these in, but are you glad they can’t?

Drones and Remote Control Toys – Can you imagine the kaos that would ensue if Disney let these items into the park?

Suitcases, coolers and backpacks – Before asking “Can I Take this Into Disney Paks?”, here are some guidelines that will help get them admitted.

 If the cooler is required to carry medication it will be admitted but may be stored in a locker or with Guest Relations.  The other items have a size limit, which is 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high, so measure before you go.  Remember you can store some items in a locker to avoid having to carry everything all around the park in a large bag.  

Item You Should not Have to Ask “Can I Take This Into Disney Parks?”

Weapons – Even though this should go without saying, Your Mouse Expert has actually seen someone detained for trying to get a gun in the park.  It is prohibited.  This includes (toy guns, toy blasters, squirt guns, etc.)

Alcoholic beverages – Although many of the sit down dining establishments serve alcohol, one can not carry alcohol into the parks.

Pets – (unless they are service animals, defined as any dog or miniature horse trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability)

Wrapped Gifts – Seriously, they don’t know what’s in the box.   All gifts must be able to be unwrapped, so if you are planning a birthday party in the park, put gifts in bags.  

Although we all know that it is prudent on the part of Walt Disney World, security lines can be annoying, but guest can avoid delays by avoiding trying to sneak items into the park. and not carrying everything in but the kitchen sink.  We have gone through these lines many times and we go to great lengths to not carry any bags and reduce the time we spend getting into a park.  If you must carry a bag(s), have them open and ready for inspection.  Disney does a great job of trying to get everyone through quickly so that everyone can have a “magical day”.  Be polite and be prepared.   


Disney Vacation Planner Reviews Disney Resorts

As an Authorized  Disney Vacation Planner, I am always telling my clients how important it is to stay at Disney resorts because of all the perks staying on a Disney property gives them when planning a vacation.  However, Disney resorts offer guests a unique vacation experience that goes beyond the perks of the parks.  Each resort has a unique theme and envelopes guests in charm and character.   

Disney's Animal Kingdom Park
Elusive Lions at Disney’s the Animal Kingdom Park

Disney offers guests something unique at each Disney resort.  This blog will give you a little overview of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.  We expect to see animals at The Animal Kingdom Park, but at the lodge?  Remember this is Disney so the answer YES!  You will discover over 30 species of African wildlife, including zebras, giraffes, gazelles, kudu, and flamingos.  Each room offers a guide to help you identify all the animals you can see on the property. 

Disney Resorts Offer Great Spots to Relax

Disney Resorts offers pools which make a great place to escape the crowds
Disney Resorts offers pools which make a great place to escape the crowds

Sick of the crowds at the parks?  Take your vacation to the next level.  We often find ourselves enjoying the luxury of the various Disney resorts and The Animal Kingdom Lodge offers guests some beautiful places to do just that.   Escape the Florida heat in an 11,000-square-foot pool with an exciting waterslide and gently sloping, zero-depth entry point similar to that of a natural watering hole.   The pool area is trees and Floridian palms, and Uzima Pool includes a children’s wading pool and 2 whirlpool spas.

Guests can also cool off at Samawati Springs Pool, which offers a thrilling waterslide, 2 whirlpool spas and Uwanja Camp—an animal observation site-themed water playground with squirting Venus flytraps, a rope bridge, water cannons and more. Samawati Springs Pool, located just a short walk away from Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani Village.

Children ages 3 to 12 can enjoy arts and crafts, watch Disney movies, play with a variety of toys, video, and board games, and even make new friends!  Dinner, snacks, themed activities and cool keepsakes make it an experience they’ll rave about for days to come.

Disney Resorts of Great Dining

All of the Disney resorts offer amazing dining options and the Animal Kingdom Lodge is no exception.  Enjoy an African style buffet for African themed dishes from over 50 African countries.  

Enjoy African cooking with an Indian flare at Sanaa.  Enjoy Indian-style bread service, refreshing salads, slow-cooked meats and decadent desserts.  There is something for everyone to enjoy.  

Visit Jiko and discover a delicious blend of traditional African, Indian and Mediterranean cuisine.  You will enjoy a variety of meats, vegetables for both children and adults, all infused with the flavors unique to these regions.  

Evenings at The Animal Kingdom Lodge

As the day winds down take a few minutes to watch the animals eat dinner, or relax around one of the fire pits at the animal observatory area.  Children can watch movies under the stars.  Disney resorts are great for long evenings of relaxation and fun.  Don’t miss the advantages that a Disney resort can offer.  

Disney Cruise Line Stops at Castaway Cay

Disney Cruise Ship
Disney Cruise Ship

Whenever you take a Disney Cruise you may be lucky enough to visit Castaway Cay.  Not sure what there is to love about Castaway Cay?. Once you visit, this island fast becomes one of the favorite parts of a Disney cruise. Although a private island is not unique to Disney Cruise Lines, Castaway Cay is Disney’s private island where Bahamian cruises and most Caribbean cruises visit on their itinerary.   It is a quiet island that for the most part is uninhabited until a Disney cruise comes in.  It is a wonderful place to relax, swim, snorkel, bike or whatever you want to do.  Here are some of the cool things that you can do while on Castaway Cay.

Castaway Cay’s Pelican Plunge

While your Disney Cruise ship is anchored on Castaway Cay, you can enjoy Pelican Plunge, a floating water slide and play platform located in the ocean near the family Beach.  With two water slides, a giant bucket dump of water, and water cannons to shoot targets this area provides hours of fun and excitement.  Remember that unless you are 38 inches in height you must wear life jackets which are provided.   The platform is in the ocean and you will not be able to touch the bottom.  

Scuttle Cove

Scuttle Cove is a supervised children’s play area and is supervised by counselors from the ship.  Children may be dropped off in this are worry-free.  

Spring a Leak at Castaway Cay

This is a water play area for kids where the leaks from a “broken water pipe” spray everywhere. Your little ones will love all the water fun for hours.  

Hide Out 

As the name implies, this is a great place for your teens to hang out.  This is the beach area for teens complete with loungers and umbrellas.  A place away from parents for games and relaxing.

Disney Cruise Ship Docked At Castaway Cay
Disney Cruise Ship Docked at Castaway Cay

Disney Cruise Lines Invites Adults to Serenity Bay

Serenity is the name of the game in this adult only beach.   A quiet spot to relax, read or even take a nice swim in the quiet, calm waters, adults will revel in Serenity Bay.  Looking for a massage, well Serenity Bay offers cabanas for a private message.  Make sure you book them ahead of time, they go fast.  

Bike Rentals on Castaway Cay

 A great way to see the island and get a little exercise is to rent a bike. There are assorted sizes of bikes available to rent, including those with training wheels and kids’ seats for the littlest riders. 

Privacy is the Key at Castaway Cay
Privacy is the Key at Castaway Cay

Activities and Excursions

There are a variety of tours and excursions available to be reserved on the island offering a little of something for everyone: parasailing, deep sea fishing, fishing charters banana boat rides, aqua trikes, sea kayaks and inner tube rental and feeding the stingrays.

Life vests are available free of charge. Popular tours like the fishing charters and sting ray feeding sell out quickly, so you may want to book your excursions online or a few days prior to your Castaway Cay visit.  If for some reason the tours are canceled Disney typically will issue a refund. 


Lunch is an event on Castaway Cay with three BBQ buffet locations on the island to choose from and all free just as if you were still on the ship.   The BBQ buffet style lunch is usually served between 12:00 –  2:00 pm.  After 2 pm there will be the option of grab & go options that include pre-made and wrapped sandwiches, cookies.
1) Cookie’s BBQ – located on the near side of the family beach
2) Cookie’s Too – located on the far side of the family beach
3) Serenity Bay BBQ – is the adult beach option

The meal offers a variety of choices with ribs, chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, fish, salads, corn on the cob, fresh fruit and self-serve soft serve ice cream. There are refreshment stations located all around the island to keep you hydrated serving soft drinks, water, juice, and iced tea. 

Enjoy a Relaxing Walk along the pathways of Castaway Cay
Enjoy a Relaxing Walk along the pathways of Castaway Cay


You can also purchase the stamps onboard and they will be charged to the room. This is important as the post office isn’t always open when the ship is docked there. You can opt to either drop the postcards off at post office themselves or cast members can do that for them.

Character Meet and Greet

There will be ample opportunity to meet characters on Castaway Cay all around the island, so don’t forget your camera!  You may even be lucky enough to meet Captain Jack Sparrow along the way.  

Excercise Anyone?

Sign up to do the Castaway Cay 5K or morning yoga class on the beach. The 5k sounds easy but it is often very hot and humid so make sure you practice a little before signing up and make sure you do it first thing when you get off the ship.  You can also walk or bike along the 5k route.  Each participant receives a special Disney medal for completing the 5K event. 

If you are interested in more information you can request a quote or fill out our contact form.  You can also call Your Mouse Expert at 214-264-7146




Disney Terminology from Your Disney Vacation Planner

There is a first time for everything!  The first day of school, first dance, first kiss and…your first time to visit Walt Disney World.   And like most first times, a visit to Walt Disney World can be very overwhelming.  There are rides you have never heard of, things to learn to save you time and money and terms that no one else in the world but Disney uses.  In this post, Your Mouse Expert (Authorized Disney Vacation Planner) will give you some definitions to make your visit to Walt Disney World just a little more magical.  

Your Disney Vacation Planner Explains…

Magic Bands

Your Disney Vacation Planner will order your Magic Bands
Magic Bands – Your Keys to the Kingdom

These are the “keys to the kingdom” so to speak because they open your resort room door, admit you into the parks, act as your fast passes for rides and even allow you to charge merchandise to your room.  If you are a Disney resort guest, they are complementary, if not, you can purchase them at various Disney venues throughout the park.  As your authorized Disney Vacation Planner, it is one of the things that I make sure you will receive.

Those park guests who are staying at other resorts will be issued key cards with the purchase of park tickets.  So if you see guest using cards as admittance into the park it is because they are not staying on a Disney property.  

You can also reuse a Magic Band on subsequent trips.  Your Magic Band will be linked to your My Disney Experience Account.  If you have several Magic Bands you can deactivate those you are not using through that account. 

My Disney Experience Website/APP

Your Disney Vacation Planner and general Mouse Expert set up your personal My Disney Experience Website and tell you where to download My Disney Experience App.  From this website, you can manage your vacation.  You will link your resort reservation, dining reservations, fast passes and even add a credit card to allow you to pay for merchandise.  You can also link your party to your My Disney Experience and set up all your appointments as a group.  

My Disney Experience also offers a convenient App that can be downloaded from App stores for most smartphones.  It allows you to connect to your site and keep up with your schedule while out and about in the parks.

Fast Passes

A Fast Pass is an appointment for an attraction.  For a single theme park per day, you can make up to 3 FastPass selections in advance either online or by using the mobile app and you may change or cancel your selections any time. You can also get assistance from the Lobby Concierge at your Walt Disney World Resort hotel or at a FastPass+ kiosk in any of the parks.

Once you redeem your initial set of FastPass selections (or the last arrival window has passed), you can make another FastPass selection for the same day at an in-park kiosk or on your mobile device, up to park closing. After you redeem the additional FastPass+ pick, you can return to a kiosk to make more selections (one at a time), subject to availability.

Park Ticket Types

Disney offers several different options for tickets.  There is the One Day/One Park option which is, as the name applies, good for one park per day only.  You may come and go from that same park throughout the day, but only the park you started with that day.  

The second option is the Park Hopper.  Your Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and Mouse Expert enjoys this one, especially if you are at the parks for a short time.  It is a great way to navigate crowds and get your money’s worth out of your trip.  The Park Hopper allows you to go to as many parks as you wish in a day.  You can catch “It’s a Small World” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” in the morning, have lunch at Epcot and catch “Soarin”, walk through the World Showcase and take a boat to Hollywood Studios for some Star Wars action and finish up the evening with dinner at Yak and Yeti and a Safari Ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Of course, you will need the help of a Disney Vacation Planner to put that together but with the Park Hopper Pass, you can do it.  

If you love water parks and you are in the area in the summer months you will enjoy the Park Hopper Plus option because it gives you the option to enjoy Disney’s two water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.  

Special ticketed events

When planning your trip be sure to ask your Disney Vacation Planner what special ticketed events may be available at that time.  These can range from Christmas or Halloween parties to special fireworks dessert parties.  Many of these events afford visitors extra time in the parks when the parks are closed to other visitors.  It makes rides more accessible and Disney always makes these events well worth the money.

Magical Express 

Disney’s Magical Express is the transportation for guests who fly into the Orlando International airport.  They pick up your luggage for you and take it directly to your room and you ride for free directly to your resort.  Your Authorized Disney Vacation Planner can set this up for you as soon as you give her your flight info.  

Disney Transportation

People are often confused by the various forms of transportation that Disney offers their guest.  When guests stay at Disney Resorts, they have access to buses, steamboats or regular boats, and the Monorail system that can take them from resorts to the various parks.  These are all free and run from early morning to park closing at about 20-minute intervals.  This is extremely convenient because although non-Disney resorts may offer free transportation to the parks, it is usually once or twice in the morning and then not again until the evening.    

Disney Dining Plan

The Disney Dining Plan is simply a way of prepaying for meals while visiting Walt Disney World.  Plans vary from paying for Quick Service dining to Full-Service sit-down dining or a combination of both.  For detailed information about how the Disney Dining plans work, visit this previous blog post.

Travel Insurance Benefits from Authorized Disney Vacation Planner

Protect your Walt Disney World Trip with Travel Insurance
Walt Disney World

As an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, I not only plan for vacations in Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Lines, and Adventures by Disney, but I also recommend travel insurance.  Most people refuse the option of travel insurance, thinking nothing bad can possibly happen to them and that there is no way their trip will not happen.   I try not to push anyone into purchasing products they clearly don’t want, but I do believe that travel insurance offers a level of security that is often underestimated.

Bad Things Can Happen and Travel Insurance can Help

Sometimes crazy things can actually happen on or before a trip, and insurance can be useful to help you redeem a bad situation and prevent unnecessary additional expenses.   It can’t fix the problems, but it can stop the problem from costing you the money you spent on your vacation.  Here are a few real-life scenarios (which have happened) to consider when thinking about whether or not the purchase is a smart choice for you: 

  • Protect your Disney Cruise with Travel Insurance
    Disney Cruise

    You are pushing your stroller when you trip and fall boarding the monorail. You break your leg.  If you have travel insurance, you are covered! 

  • A culinary experience brings you serious gastric distress and you need immediate medical attention.  If you have travel insurance, you are covered. 
  • You are enjoying your cruise vacation when you fall extremely ill and need to be evacuated to the nearest medical facility. Travel insurance will cover your flight off the ship to the nearest medical facility. 
  • A Nor’easter cancels tonight’s airport flights and you are on are on your way to your Disney Cruise and you miss the departure time.  With travel insurance, you will get your cruise money back.  
  • You are in a car accident on your way to the airport and you are forced to cancel your vacation.  If you have travel insurance your vacation money is not lost.  

Four Good Reasons for Travel Insurance  

 Cash reimbursement for trip cancellation and/or interruption.

Provides coverage for costly out-of-network medical evacuation. 

Enjoy worldwide travel assistance. 

Dedicated 24/7 customer care for when you need help. 

I know that when planning a large event, the costs can add up and often the first casualty are items that do not produce “fun.  However, if you have an accident or illness and have to cancel the trip, or you are injured on the trip your travel insurance will be the most important part of your vacation purchase.   Protect yourself from the unexpected and give yourself some peace of mind.  

Haven’t planned your Disney vacation yet?  Request a quote from Your Mouse Expert.  

Tips for Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival from Disney Vacation Planner

Disney Vacation Planner tips for Food and wine Festival
Enjoy a taste of Food and Wine from All Around the World

We just got back from our fall Walt Disney World vacation and we were there during the time of the annual Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.  Your Mouse Expert (Authorized Disney Vacation Planner) visited Epcot several times during our stay there and I can tell you it is more popular than ever.  If you are a foodie and enjoy wine tasting this is the place to be!

As an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, I often help my clients make plans to attend this event.  It is a lot of fun and is one of Epcot’s premier events and is held annually.  This year, as always. each time Your Mouse Expert was in the park it was crowded, which is a testament to how much people love this event.  Since the Food and Wine Festival is such a big attraction I thought it would be a good idea to offer few Mouse Expert tips that will help guests navigate through the event.  

Find out How it All Works

Tips from Disney Vacation Planner for Epcot Food and Wine Festival
Every Country Offers Its Best!

Your admission to the park is all you will need to partake in the festival.  So when your  Disney Vacation Planner purchases your tickets, you are all set to enjoy the event.  This year the International Food and Wine Festival is held August 31 – November 13, 2017.  

All around the World Showcase at Epcot, there are kiosks situated with various food and wine offerings.  The appetizer-sized portions available at each kiosk usually range in price from $4.00 – $8.00.  These dishes provide the perfect opportunity to try the traditional cuisine from around the world.  If guests are using the Disney Dining Plans, they will note that many of the offerings can be purchased with a snack credit.  Your Authorized Disney Vacation Planner can help you purchase one of the Disney Dining Plans available and will explain how to use them.  

If you love to cook as well as eat, make sure you visit the Festival Center.  At the Festival Center workshops are offered and guests will have the opportunity to learn culinary skills from chefs and bakers such as; Jamie Deen, “Cake Boss”, Buddy Valastro, Art Smith, Robert Irvine Cat Cora and the cast of ABC’s “The Chew”.  There will be many new chefs appearing this year as well, so make sure you check out when your favorites will be appearing.  

Purchase a Gift Card for the Event 

Disney Vacation Planner tips for Food and Wine Festival
Epcot Food and Wine Festival

If you are going to be at Epcot for a few days and want to spend a few relaxing afternoons or evenings wondering around the showcase, consider purchasing a Food and Wine Festival gift card to pay for your purchases.  Remember you are carrying food and drinks around so anything you can do to make things easier, will make the event more enjoyable.  Not having to search around for a wallet or purse for money will make things more convenient with each purchase.  With a $200 activation, you’ll receive a specially themed lanyard and sleeve.  

Your Disney Vacation Planner Recommends – Get a Map

Whether guests know the park or not, a map will just make it easier to plan the right amount of time needed for each kiosk.  Utilize the map to help determine the locations and culinary delights to make sure to try.   Knowing where everything is and what is coming next will help guests to ensure not to fill up at the first few kiosks. 

Pack Lightly

As mentioned earlier, guests will be carrying food and drinks from place to place, and it can get crowded.   Although there are tables set up all along the World Showcase route, carrying bags, jackets, merchandise bags, and hats, will make the event much less enjoyable.  Another option, if you are concerned about the weather or have purchased items to carry, is to rent a locker and store items you don’t need to carry with you until you are done with the event.  

Stay Hydrated

We all know that drinking adult beverages can be dehydrating so make sure that you drink water along the way as well.  To add to that, when we were there it was very hot and humid.  Since it really doesn’t cool off much in Florida, this Authorized Disney Vacation planner suggests you make frequent stops to drink and take your time going around the World Showcase.   The heat will make dehydration happen even faster.  No point ruining the fun for want of a little water.  

Avoid Crowds by Timing Your Visit

We were in the area for an entire week and were at Epcot several times during that time and we took note of when it was super busy.   We noticed that, although still pretty busy, the middle of the week was better.  Keep in mind that Florida residents love the festival too and they visit on weekends.  The very busiest times are the weekend evenings, and if you enjoy the festive atmosphere of crowds you will be fine.  But if you prefer a little less action avoid weekends, and try for early afternoon to make your way around the showcase.  

Try to Go More than Once

Although this may not always be possible with the time you have for the parks, if at all possible go more than once, and for only a few hours at a time.  There is so much to take in and in the opinion of this Mouse Expert, if you break the event up into smaller time frames, you will enjoy it much more and feel less pressure to hurry.  If you can only do one day, pick your top 5 or 6 cuisines and thoroughly enjoy them.  Remember, there is always next year.  

The International Food and Wine Festival is a much loved and well-attended event.  Expect it to be busy and expect to take your time going around to each kiosk.  Don’t plan to rush through the event and you will enjoy this truly exceptional Disney event. 

Your Mouse Expert Explains Disney Dining Plan

 As a Disney vacation planner, I am able to offer all my clients the option to purchase one of the  Disney dining plans for their trip.  A Disney Dining Plan is a great way to make your vacation “all inclusive” and allows guests to pay for everything in advance of their trip.  Purchase of a Disney Dining Plan is by no means necessary, but it does allow guests to take in as many attractions as possible without having to worry about where to eat, it is all planned, and depending on your plan choice, reservations are already made.  

However, guests often shy away from buying a dining plan because it is something new to learn or they feel it is too expensive.  Because Disney has tried to create a meal plan for every budget, in my many times visiting the parks I have always found it to save us money.  Since most of us rarely think of how much the overall cost of food is as we are purchasing it, buying meals upfront seems expensive, but after doing the math on food at the parks and resorts, I have decided it is either cheaper or the same as paying as you go.  We love the convenience and we never go hungry and generally never need to buy something in addition to the plan.  An additional feature of all the dining plans is the free refillable mug which can be used for coffee or soft drinks.  Take your mug with you to your quick service meals and drink for free.  The table service meals include a free beverage.  

The first time to use the plan can be confusing, so this article is designed to help guests understand how the meal plans work and how to get the very most out of them.   In a previous post, I explained that there are three meal plans to choose from and they give guests a wide variety of choices and flexibility.  This post is designed to help guests understand how flexible the plans are to use and ways to save money in the process.

There are three references that are important to learn to truly understand how to utilize the Disney dining plans.  The first term is “entitlements”.  An entitlement simply means what you are “entitled” to receive from whatever plan you purchase.  There are Snack entitlements, Quick Service entitlements, and Table Service entitlements.  Each meal plan is made up a combination of some or all of these terms.  Let’s look at what each term means and what’s  included on the meal plans.

Disney Dining Plan – Snack Entitlement

This type of entitlement is included in all the Disney dining plan and is the most flexible of all entitlements to use.  As the name implies it can be used during the day for a ”snack” or you can be saved and used for a variety of items such as cereal, pastries, and fruit and eaten for breakfast or lunch.  At quick-service restaurants, outdoor carts, and select merchandise locations there are a variety of other types of foods and drinks to be used as a snack entitlement at any time, such as; frozen treats and ice cream, popcorn, packaged milk or juice, soft drinks or bottled water.  My personal favorite use of the snack entitlement is at Starbucks.  Since Starbucks has arrived at Walt Disney World, they have made all their beverages, of any size, a snack entitlement.  We love to enjoy a Vente Iced Latte on a hot day, for one snack

Disney Dining Plan – Quick Service Entitlement

One of Your Mouse Experts favorite meals on Disney Dining plan
Buffalo Burger – Geyser Point

A quick service restaurant is, as the name implies a meal, a restaurant that offers meals that do not require reservations or wait staff and is a quick in and out.  They can be accessed anytime, no reservation necessary.  The Disney Quick Service Plan and the Disney Dining plan both utilize quick service restaurants.  The quick-service entitlement is usually a full entree at a quick service venue.  On the Quick Service plan, each individual has two quick-service entitlements per day and that entitlement includes an entree, and a non-alcoholic drink or a dessert.  On the Disney Dining Plan, each individual receives one Quick Service entitlement.  Quick service restaurants are located in all the Disney Resorts and in every park.  

Disney Dining Plan – Table Service Entitlements

A table service restaurant is one in which guests are seated and served by wait staff.  It includes; an appetizer, entree, dessert and a non-alcoholic beverage.  The Disney Dining Plan and the Disney Deluxe Dining plan utilize table service entitlements. There are Table Service restaurants in most Disney resorts and in all Disney parks. On the Disney dining plan, each guest receives one Table Service entitlement.  On the Disney Deluxe Dining plan, each guest receives three Table Service entitlements. This means that all meals may be enjoyed at a full-service restaurant.  It is also important to note that a table service entitlement can be used at a quick service venue, but a quick service entitlement can only be used at quick service venues.   Also important to note is that while the meal plan includes the cost of the meal, guests are responsible for gratuities at time of service.  The table service entitlements are the only meals that require gratuities. 

The Disney Deluxe Dining plan is the most expensive plan and offers guests the option of enjoying a sit-down meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  As I said in my last post if you consider yourself a “foodie” this is the plan for you.  This plan will offer a large variety of restaurants, many with world-class chefs and amazing fresh cuisine.  Additionally, if guests are traveling with a large group, sitting down for meals offers guests a chance to interact and enjoy each other over great food.  

Although Disney World is known for its parks, rides, and resorts, Disney also offers guests the chance to dine at amazing restaurants run by world-class chefs.  So an additional feature of table service entitlements is that they may be combined to enjoy one of Disney’s more expensive dining experiences.  Although most of the table service restaurants available throughout the Disney parks and resorts require only one table service entitlement per visit, some of the more expensive restaurants will accept the Disney Dining Plans, but they will require two entitlements for a meal.  Guests can decide to purchase another meal at a lower priced restaurant and then use that table service entitlement to dine at one of the fine dining restaurants like California Grill, located in Contemporary Resort, or Artist Point at Wilderness Lodge.   Another option is to use some snack entitlements to create a light meal and save the table service entitlement to be combined with another entitlement to enjoy one fine dining experience.  If guests are looking for a true epicurean dining, Disney has much to offer.  

Once you have chosen your dining plan, you can link it to your “my Disney experience app and then make your meal reservations right from the app.  Your Mouse Expert can help you get started and offer suggestions to get you started.  

Making the Disney Dining Plan a Part of your Disney Vacation Package

Geyser Point a Quick Service option on Disney Dining Plans
Geyser Point – Quick Service

With the advent of the “Disney Your Way” special offers, the Disney Dining Plan is an option that can be added on to the vacation package.  Everyone is always a little leery of the Disney Dining Plan because it can be a little confusing.  Also, many people feel that they will spend more money on the plan and they can opt out of it thinking they can save money on their own.  I do believe that the meal plans will save money in the long run, but your Disney vacation plan will be just fine if you decide not to add the Disney Dining Plan.  

An additional advantage is that not only do you create an “all-inclusive” vacation, but you have an opportunity to plan all your meals ahead of time.  You can take some time to study the types of restaurants you would like to try and make reservations for the times you prefer to dine. 

Part of the reason many people avoid the dining plan is that for first-timers it can be a little confusing.  So let’s break down each plan to avoid confusion.

Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan

Quick Service meal option on Disney Dining Plan
Bison Burger from Geyser Point

Of the three plans, this is the most economical and is quick and simple.  If you are looking for an option that offers lots of the spur of the moment flexibility, then this is a good plan for you.   You’ll dine at Quick-Service locations, located throughout all the parks and in the resorts.   This plan allows you to stop when ever you like at Quick Service venues that do not require a reservation.  So when you’re ready to eat just stop, order at a counter or register, and then find a seat. In 2018 I believe guests will have several new beverage options including non-alcoholic specialty beverages and, for guests 21 and older, beer, wine, and cocktails.  

Disney Dining Plan

The Disney Dining Plan is a great option for those who enjoy some fine dining but still want some flexibility.  This plan provides everyone in the party ages 3 and over with 1 quick service meal, that is a meal at a quick service venue in the parks or resorts, 1 table-service meal, that is a sit-down meal, usually requiring a reservation and 2 snacks.  

This is a nice flexible plan and guest usually buy a breakfast or use some snacks to buy breakfast options like oatmeal or muffins etc.   For lunch, they get a quick service meal when they are out at the parks.  Then, for dinner, they enjoy and nice quiet meal at one of the many great restaurants.  Additionally, each guest ages 3 and over will receive a refillable drink mug, which is eligible for refills at self-service beverage islands at Quick-Service locations at any Disney Resort hotel.

New for 2018 vacation packages guests will have several new beverage options available including non-alcoholic specialty beverages and, for guests 21 and older, beer, wine and cocktails.

We enjoy this plan because it allows us to enjoy some great meals at the end of a lovely day and still is quite flexible for our plans during the day.  Guests with children will enjoy this option as well because there is no rushing around to get to a breakfast reservation and no need to stop for a reservation in the middle of a day. 

The Disney Deluxe Dining Plan

This plan if for true “foodies”.  If you enjoy trying different types of food from all around the world, Disney is the place to do it and this is the plan to do it with.  

The plan includes 3 meals to be used as either quick service or sit down meals, although the best value for this plan is to make three meal reservations a day. In addition to the three meals, each guest has 2 snacks per day.  We have used this plan often and it is a lot of fun to try new and interesting cuisines for each meal.  Usually these restaurants require reservations, and it is a good idea to book well in advance for some of the more popular restaurants.  

What Happens to Your Disney Vacation Plan when it Rains?

Even though Florida is one of the sunniest places around, it still rains.  The chances of your vacation getting completely rained out are pretty low, but there are months that are rainier than others.  So, what happens to your Disney Vacation Plan when it rains at Walt Disney World®.  

All is not lost, your Disney vacation plans can be altered and you will still HAVE FUN!  Some parks are a little easier to navigate during rainy weather and others not so much.  Depending on your heartiness, you don’t need to change much about your Disney vacation plan.    

Magic Kingdom

Your Disney vacation plan in the rain
The Magic Kingdom – Your Disney Vacation Plan

This park is great in rainy weather.  Most of the queues are indoors or under a covered area and the attractions are close together so there is less walking between them.  It is also good to remember that if you did not come prepared for the rain, all the stores sell ponchos and umbrellas.  

That said, if you are in a complete downpour consider trying to get into some of the rides that are completely covered like; Monsters Inc., Space Mountain, Mad Tea Party, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan’s flight, Under the Sea, It’s a Small World, Pirates, etc.

The ones that are a little less covered are rides like Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Since the rides themselves are outdoors they may close down because of water on the track, so technically there is nothing you can do. 


Epcot - Your Disney Vacation Plan in the Rain

If this park is your plan for the day, and you are expecting rain, this is one park you really want to bring some rain gear.  If you are dressed appropriately this park is quite fun in the rain.  

For long periods heavy rain you can check out some of the places that offer big spaces and things to look at.  The aquarium is a good option since there is a lot of space inside to wander around and look at the fish, the manatees and Turtle Talk with Crush.  You can also go into The Land and stand in line for Soarin’, tour the Land greenhouse or even just sit and enjoy coffee at the restaurant. 

This is a great time to do a complete tour of The World Showcase because, with the exception of walking between pavilions, everything is inside.  Movies about the countries can be found in Canada, France, and China. Shopping in every country is a fun experience, check out what is unique like hunting for pearls in Japan. The Voices of Liberty in the American pavilion is an amazing way to spend fifteen minutes any day, but even better when escaping rain. Keep in mind in the rain these pavilions may be busier but they are large enough to help you get out of the rain.  The Mexican pavilion has a cool attraction called the Grand Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros which is an indoor boat ride.  Additionally, this pavilion is filled with shopping and dining, it is a nice place to enjoy some time. Adults, this is also a good spot to grab a drink out of the elements if you like margaritas. La Cava del Tequila is a hidden gem within the Mexican Temple.

The Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios

Animal Kingdom - Your Disney  vacation plan in the rain
The Gorilla Exhibit

These two parks are a little more difficult to fit into your Disney vacation plan when it is raining.  Animal Kingdom park is mostly outdoors and if it raining the animals may or may not stay out for you to enjoy.   There are however some shows to take in, Nemo and Friends and the Lion King.  Sadly one has to wait in line out side but if it is not pouring you should be fine.  There is now also Pandora to enjoy and the queue for those rides are mostly indoors as are the rides. 

Hollywood Studios is at this writing has a lot of rides under construction, but we have often gone to our favorite ride there, Toy Story to avoid the rain.  Most of the queue is inside and once inside it is a nice place to wait.  

Water parks

If it is a warm rain and there isn’t any lightning, the water parks are a great option since the crowds drop significantly and you’re supposed to be wet.  It is Florida and most of the time, rain is not that unpleasant since it can be warm.  You can also go swimming at your resort.    

Rain is not always fun and can put a bit of a damper on your Disney vacation plan, but it doesn’t have to spoil your fun.  There are so many things you can do and usually, the rain passes fast and you can get on with all your outside activities.  

If you would like some help creating our Disney vacation plan, contact Your Mouse Expert and I am happy to help. 

If you would like some information about one of the many Disney Destinations available, contact me for details.