25 Things You Can Throw Away Today

When I work with clients who have become overwhelmed by all the stuff in their lives the comment that I hear most often is “I really don’t know where to start!”  Then when we get started either throwing away or giving away things they no longer use, they are surprised about how easy it gets to decide to get rid of items they no longer need or use.   The process begins to make sense.  The point is not to get rid of the things you value, but rather the things that have, for whatever reason, lost their value.  Here is a list of the 25 common things you can start to let go of as you consider your fall purge. 

1.  Broken costume jewelry and earrings without a mate.

2. Greeting cards from people you don’t know or like.

3. Socks with holes

4.  Old magazines

5.  Shoes that are old and wrecked

6.  Children’s old clothes that are stained and no longer fit.

7.  Old torn and tattered towel

8.  Old makeup

9.  Expired samples of makeup and toiletries

10. Old, dried up nail polish

11. Old prom dresses

12. Underwear that has lost its stretch

13.  Purses you never use or that are damaged and have lived a good life

14.  Small appliances that still work, like coffee makers, that have been replaced by something else.

15. Travel brochures

16.  Old craft supplies like dried out paints, glitter, and glue

17. Bits of ribbon to small to be used for anything

18. Used envelopes

19. Computer cords from computers you no longer own

20. Old manuals from appliances you no longer own

21. Cell phone accessories from old cell phones

22. Cell phones

23. CDs for old computer programs, (there’s an app for everything now)

24. Address labels from your last address

25. Old wedding invitations

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