4 Things to Know About Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Zebras at Feeding Time - Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
Zebras at Feeding Time – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is a deluxe resort and is the most remote of their resorts because it is located on the Savannah.  It is a few minutes by bus to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and is truly one of the most enjoyable and relaxing places to take a vacation.  Here are a few things to consider when you stay at this 21-acre wildlife reserve resort.   

  • What is so amazing about this resort is that there are all kinds of animals to view from the Savannah facing rooms.  This resort takes animal lovers to a new level of enjoyment.  One can sit out on the patio and enjoy the animals grazing or eating their dinner.   The main lodge also has a beautiful outdoor viewing area that can be enjoyed on public patios or at ground level.  One can also get up very early in the morning and view the animals as the wake-up.  
  • There are two resort areas, the Animal Kingdom Lodge and Disney’s Kadani Village.  Because Disney wanted to allow for the optimum in animal viewing they built the resort in semi circles, allowing the most rooms possible to view the animals.  
  • A striking feature of the resort is their amazing African decor.  Disney, known for its excellence in everything they touch, has left no stone is left unturned in giving this resort the feeling that you have stepped into African village.  From the music to the art and furnishings,  the entire resort takes you to another world.  At various times of the day or evening, one can sit out on several large patios and view giraffes, zebras, ankole cattle, ostrich, gazelle and various birds.   
  • If you want authentic African dining experience there are some amazing restaurants to choose from.  Boma, Flavors of African is an amazing buffet filled with a variety of African foods with some American favorites served at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  For Indian/African cuisine try Sanaa at Kidani Village.  One can also try signature dining with Jiko.  

Animal Kingdom Lodge is a wonderfully relaxing place to stay, in the main lodge or at Kidani Village.  Both have great pools and relaxing vistas.  Choosing this resort means that one is close to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park and its new attraction Pandora and the World of Avatar.  Additionally, Disney has added an amazing night light show which is well worth visiting.  No matter when you stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge, you will love it. 

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  1. we had a reservation booked at Boma for this year but then swapped for a different restaurant. I’m hoping to pop over to check out the resort instead though.

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