5 Habits Your Future Self with Thank You For Doing

1.  Exercise regularly  I thought I would mention this one first because most of us groan when we think of sweating through an exercise session.  However, exercise if one of those habits that just makes everything else you do easier.  Regular exercise will help you manage your weight, avoid the diseases of aging, provides a tool to manage stress and will generally improve your feeling of well-being.  And, when your 60 or 70 year-old-self can still go hiking and biking and keep up with the grandkids, you will be glad you kept it up all those years.  

2.  Read for pleasure and carry a book with you at all times – There are lots of reasons that people lose their love of reading if indeed they ever loved it.  Work, school, family commitments, volunteering, overwork, and a host of other things make us all feel as though reading is a luxury that one just can’t afford.  Reading, however, is a way to step away and fall into another world, and allow your mind to relax.  Reading opens your mind to allow for greater creativity and problem-solving.  Reading makes you a more interesting person. Having a book with you ensures you will always have something to do when people inevitably keep you waiting.  

3.  Take the Stairs and park far away – Because we all know that it’s ambitious to expect to get to the gym 3 or 4 times a week and eat on target 100% of the time, it is wise to build a back door into staying healthy.  By taking the stairs when possible, and parking in such a way as to have to walk some distance to get to the grocery store, you will ensure that your body will get some exercise all the time.  In the long run, your 70-year-old body will thank you.  

4. Set some goals – When you look back on your life you will be glad that you set some goals.  It is my contention that most people accomplish exactly what they plan to.  If you don’t plan, you don’t accomplish.  Where do you want to go, who would you like to meet, what sites would you like to behold; they all start with a goal.  Your future self will have plenty to think about and remember if you set and achieve a few goals.

5. Make some really good friends – Friendships are important for our well-being throughout life, so cultivate a few really good ones and make sure you make them a priority.  Having friends gives you someone to share the highs and the lows of life with.  Build real friends, not just people you hang out with. 

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