9 Tips for Enjoying Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom Fireworks over Disney's Castle
Fireworks over the Castle                 

One of the highlights of any Disney Vacation is the fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom.  As spectacular as the show is, it can also be very challenging to figure out exactly where to locate yourself and your family to take in this amazing event.  

Nobody does fireworks better than Disney, that makes getting a spot, especially at the Magic Kingdom show,  a bit of a challenge.  We have tried all kinds of locations to see the show and I have compiled a list of things to consider to enjoy the show.

  • Plan your evening.  If you have young children in your group and you want to take in the show, start your day a little later or take an afternoon break.  The fireworks happen at dusk or a little later, so a nap will make your evening more pleasant.
  • Plan your vantage point.  Keep in mind that the fireworks are shown over the castle and there is also a show that is reflected on the castle.  Finding a place to stand that gives you a good view of the castle is important.  That said, you will have a good view pretty much anywhere on Main Street.
  • Consider getting a fast pass for the event at least one time.  Yes, you, or your vacation planner,  can get a fast pass and that puts you in one of the two grassy areas in front of the castle.
  • Stand up.  While you are waiting for the show to begin many people sit, but once the show begins staying seated will keep you from seeing the show in full.
  • Consider buying the Fireworks Dessert event.  That is held at the Tomorrowland Terrace just to the right of Main Street and faces the castle.  If you want to try to put up a tripod to get some pics of the show, this is a great option.  
  • Since the fireworks show happens every evening, once you have seen it in the park, consider going to one of the resorts located on Bay Lake and watch from there.   
  • Remember that both the Animal Kingdom Park and Epcot have evening fireworks or light shows.  Although the Magic Kingdom is a special show that should not be missed, the others are well worth attending as well. 
  • Wear proper shoes and clothing, and bring water in the summer, you will stand for awhile if you want a good position.
  • Give the park employees a break.  I have stood many times waiting for the show to begin and the park workers have to keep crowds moving and keep people in the designated areas.  That is not an easy job.  I see many people getting very upset with the workers, cut them some slack they are just doing their job, in the midst of cranky kids and snarky parent.  

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    1. It is so much fun and our family has a lot of fond memories of both Disney Land and Disney World. Our kids who are both adults and single, go at least once a year. They also enjoy visiting Hawaii with Disney. Disney really does have something for everyone. When you’re ready I would love to help you.

    1. According to Disney, at least a third of their visitors are young, either couples or unmarried. I think Disney is for everyone, let me know when you are ready to plan your next trip. Your inner child is waiting.

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