Around the World with Disney’s Epcot Park


Lightning McQueen one of the amazing topiaries at Epcot Park

Disney’s Epcot or Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, as Walt Disney thought of it, was Walt’s vision of what communities or cities of the future would look like.  Walt Disney was a dreamer and his imagination produced a place for all of us to enjoy the fun of a theme park and the culture of the world showcase.  

Epcot offers something for everyone in the family.  There are thrilling rides like Test Track and Mission Space,  calmer rides like the Seas with Nemo and  Friends, funny rides like Ellen’s Universe of Energy and my personal favorite, Soarin’.   From the rides, you can move on to the world showcase and visit pavilions from other countries, all offering a ride, demonstration or movie that teaches visitors a little about the perspective country.  

Like the rest of the Disney parks, it can get busy, especially during the spring for the flower and garden show or the fall during the food and wine festival.  Here are a few of the tips and tricks we have developed to help us get the most of this amazing park.  

  • When you buy your tickets, add the park hopper option because this park has a relaxing vibe to it and we often leave the Magic Kingdom once it gets super busy and drop in to visit the world showcase.  Additionally, many of the pavilions in the World Showcase have amazing restaurants, and even if you don’t do anything else in the park, you may want to come here in the evening for a gourmet dinner.   Reservations are recommended for all the major restaurants so plan ahead. 
  • Like the rest of the parks, visit Epcot early in the morning on the day after extra magic hours.  This will give you the opportunity to get in a lot of rides in a short time.
  • Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios are accessible to one another via vote, so you can start with one and take a relaxing boat ride to the other.  Another reason to get the park hopper option on your tickets.
  • Utilize the Fast Pass system and make sure you set them up as soon as you are able before your trip.  Make sure you get a Fast Pass for Soarin’.  This is probably the most popular ride in the park and it is well worth the advance planning. 
  • If you are going to Epcot in the hot months, take advantage of the cool respite that country pavilions offer.  Most are air conditioned so take your time going around the showcase and stop and enjoy a film or demonstration.   Being from Canada, my favorite is the Canadian pavilion, but all offer insight into different cultures around the world.  
  • Throughout the park there are amazing photo spots, with whimsical topiaries and flowers and shrubbery, take the time to enjoy and photograph this beautiful park.
  • When you first come into the park there is the familiar big ball and inside is the ride Project Tomorrow.  We enjoy that ride very much, but we bypass it when we come in first thing in the morning, because everyone else starts there and the line is long, later on in the day, the lineup is short and you can get in much more quickly.   If it is a super busy time of year it won’t slow down much, but this works most of the time.  
  • And finally for this edition, if you feel like Starbucks, it is located in the center of all the action.   There is almost never a time when it is not busy, so if you want a coffee or treat, just go ahead and do it, the line won’t get shorter, I promise.  As a consolation though, for those on the dining plan, you can get a drink of any kind and any size for one snack point.  That is virtually the only time we order venti drinks.  

Epcot is such a different type of park.  Although there are rides that are fun are exciting, this park gives visitors the option of just walking around and relaxing in a beautiful spot.  Don’t bypass this amazing park.

As always, contact me and let me help you plan your next vacation to any Disney destination.  It’s free and can save you time and money.  


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