Can I Take This into Disney Parks?

With the world being what it is, the folks at Walt Disney World have taken some measures to ensure the safety of guests and cast members.  With that in mind, visitors will note that there is increased security and bag searching at each of the Disney parks.  Proactive visitors should know that they should avoid trying to take things into the park that may get turned back at the gate.  So many people are asking “what can it take into Disney Parks?”  This short blog will give you some ideas of the items likely to be turned away.  

Items That May Surprise You when You Ask “Can I Take This into Disney Parks?

Can I Take This Into Disney Parks? - NO!
Can I Take This Into Disney Parks? – NO!

Selfie sticks – although these are not a security risk, they can be annoying and Disney has determined that they will cause confusion and traffic jams that could be avoided, 

Wagons – you will see a sea of strollers at any Disney park but never a wagon.

Shoes with built in wheels – although I am not sure how these shoes would be identfied at the gate unless someone “wheels” through the gate, they are none-the-less prohibited.  If one does wear them, I would suggest that you could be asked to leave if you start wheeling around.  Cast members consider they are a risk for running into others inadvertently, and cast members are never far from sight and they take their jobs very seriously.  

Folding chairs – I know that it would be wonderful to have a chair for the parade, but can you imagine the kaos if we could.

Items That Will Make You Glad They Aren’t Allowed

Skateboards – I have never seen anyone try to bring these in, but are you glad they can’t?

Drones and Remote Control Toys – Can you imagine the kaos that would ensue if Disney let these items into the park?

Suitcases, coolers and backpacks – Before asking “Can I Take this Into Disney Paks?”, here are some guidelines that will help get them admitted.

 If the cooler is required to carry medication it will be admitted but may be stored in a locker or with Guest Relations.  The other items have a size limit, which is 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high, so measure before you go.  Remember you can store some items in a locker to avoid having to carry everything all around the park in a large bag.  

Item You Should not Have to Ask “Can I Take This Into Disney Parks?”

Weapons – Even though this should go without saying, Your Mouse Expert has actually seen someone detained for trying to get a gun in the park.  It is prohibited.  This includes (toy guns, toy blasters, squirt guns, etc.)

Alcoholic beverages – Although many of the sit down dining establishments serve alcohol, one can not carry alcohol into the parks.

Pets – (unless they are service animals, defined as any dog or miniature horse trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability)

Wrapped Gifts – Seriously, they don’t know what’s in the box.   All gifts must be able to be unwrapped, so if you are planning a birthday party in the park, put gifts in bags.  

Although we all know that it is prudent on the part of Walt Disney World, security lines can be annoying, but guest can avoid delays by avoiding trying to sneak items into the park. and not carrying everything in but the kitchen sink.  We have gone through these lines many times and we go to great lengths to not carry any bags and reduce the time we spend getting into a park.  If you must carry a bag(s), have them open and ready for inspection.  Disney does a great job of trying to get everyone through quickly so that everyone can have a “magical day”.  Be polite and be prepared.   


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