Check It Off!

For those of you who have a “to do list” that you check off each day, you already know how good it feels to put a check mark beside a completed item.  It feels great looking at a completed checklist at the end of the day.  It may, however, surprise you to know that even those check list people often have routine things that they forget to do each day.  Things like making the bed, putting the dishes in the dishwasher, washing dishes, feeding the dog, (unless you own a dachshund, they will never let you forget), sort the mail and so many other little jobs around the house or office.

If you already create those “to do” lists and manage to get everything done in a day but are frustrated with your lack of effectiveness in other areas why not create a “routine task” to do list.  By that I mean, in those areas that you tend to forget, or run out of time for, create a task list that can be placed in the area.  For instance, in your kitchen, if you regularly forget to put dishes in the dishwasher, sort the mail, clean a sink or take out the trash, create a task list that remains in that space and then check the items off each day.  Keep them very simple and divide them into daily, weekly, monthly and annual.  If you must physically check them off, you will want to create them to be used over and over, or they can simply be posted somewhere in the area as a reminder of what needs to be done.  

Another option is to create a master list, and incorporate these items into your daily schedule, just like you schedule work for your job or business.  However you create the list, it will definitely help you get on top of those annoying little routine tasks that often get omitted.  More importantly, it will help you feel better about yourself, and head off the inevitable clutter that will need to be dealt with at a future date.  

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