Eight Reasons to Choose a Disney Cruise Experience

The Disney Cruise Line - Disney Fantasy
The Disney Cruise Line – Disney Fantasy

Recently Disney Cruise Line announced that they will be adding three ships to their fleet.   This is exciting news indeed for people who love the Disney Cruise experience.   

When I talk about taking a Disney Cruise many people are unaware that Disney offers cruises.  But Disney does indeed offer cruises and they are just a lot of fun.  If you have never considered taking a Disney Cruise let me give you a few reasons to consider it.  

  • A Disney cruise offers destinations to please almost everyone.  As Disney cruise line has grown, so has their list of destinations.  They offer destinations to East and West Carribean, Bahamas, Europe, Mexico, Alaska, California coast, New England coast and Canada, Panama Canal and a Transatlantic cruise.  These cruises leave from 12 different ports
  • Disney cruises are all about families, which should be no surprise to anyone.  But they offer something for every age and make it possible for families spend time separately and together.  Children of all ages enjoy age-appropriate activities, and parents can enjoy some relaxing time alone as well.  
  •  While children are enjoying fun activities under the watchful eye of qualified Disney child-care givers, parents can enjoy adult-only pools and spa areas, and even stay in shape at the sports and fitness center. 
  • Guests enjoy unique onboard entertainment every evening featuring an amazing live musical show every evening in the Disney Theatre.  There are also night clubs and live shows all around the ship.  There is also a theater on board that shows the latest Disney productions.  
  • A Disney cruise offers fun open-air music and dance extravaganzas that deliver excitement with a dose of Disney enchantment.  Shows include Star Wars at Sea, the Sail Away Celebration, Pirate night, and the Pixar Pals party.  The deck parties often include a Disney fireworks at sea show, which is spectacular.
  • While all cruises include wonderful food, Disney is unique in that they offer a different dining theme every night in one of several themed dining rooms.  The wait staff follows their table guests from dining room to dining room each evening, getting to know exactly what each guest prefers.  Additionally, each ship offers a couple of separate fine dining restaurants where guests can enjoy gourmet food and fine wines in an adult atmosphere.  24-hour room service is also available for times when you just want to stay in for a meal. 
  • You can enjoy a Disney cruise even if you don’t have small children.  The first class dining, relaxing adult-only areas, entertainment, and interesting destinations make a Disney cruise a great choice for anyone.  Disney does everything with excellence and taking a cruise sponsored by Disney means that you can trust them with the details.
  • They take care of everything.  Ground transportation is provided to make sure you get to your selected port.  Information is readily available to make sure you are completely comfortable with the process.

These are just a few of the most obvious reasons to talk to your travel planner about taking a Disney cruise.   The main reason we never cruise with anyone else is the level of excellence that Disney carries through to their cruising experiences.  We feel safe and comfortable on board and off because Disney handles the details and makes sure your time with them is indeed “magical”.

9 Replies to “Eight Reasons to Choose a Disney Cruise Experience”

  1. I have only been on Carnival, but Disney cruises sound awesome! I love that they have resources to watch your children while you relax at the spa 😀

  2. I have always wanted to take my kids on a Disney Cruise, but the cost is so expensive. Even using an agent. But we have taken a cruise then went to Disney as part of our vacation.

  3. Heyo! Thanks for the vacation tip! My favorite part is the idea of the kiddos being watched by responsible people so the parents can take a break from the 24/7 nature of parenting. Yah 😀

  4. I agree that Disney cruises are wonderful!! My boyfriend and I went on one—and we don’t have kids—but still had an amazing time thanks to their “adults only” zones. Disney cruises definitely aren’t just for kids, but kids at heart too!

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