Choosing A Disney Resort When Visiting Disney World

Walt Disney World at Night
Walt Disney World at Night

Now that you have decided to visit Disney World it’s time to book your accommodation.  Many people immediately dismiss staying at a Disney resort because they assume it will be too expensive.   That is simply no longer the case.  Disney has created a resort for every budget and preference, including those who like to camp.  

Folks who drive to the area will often stay off property assuming that they have their own vehicle and.they can get to the park easily.  Others will fly into the area and rent a vehicle assuming that resorts and hotels will be much cheaper off the property.   Again with the new line of value resorts available from Disney, it is no longer necessary to stay off property to get a competitive price on accommodation.  

Whether you are flying into the area or driving, staying at a Disney resort has many advantages that must be considered when planning their Disney vacation.

  •   Staying at a Disney resort offers the closest proximity to the parks, dining, and shopping.
  • When staying at any of the Disney resorts, you have access to free bus transportation from resorts to any of the parks.  You can get the family up at a reasonable hour, have a leisurely breakfast and proceed to your choice of parks in time for park opening without having to battle Orlando’s commute.
  • There is a Disney resort for every budget. Whether you were interested in a value resort, a moderate resort, or a luxury resort and spa, Disney can accommodate all of your needs.
  • When you stay at a Disney property you are more likely to take advantage of either the early morning or late night extra magic hours that the parks offer.  This greatly enhances your Disney experience because you are in the parks when they are less crowded.  This is very important during peak seasons.
  • Leaving the park at the end of a day is much easier. If you decide to stay until closing and you are staying off property you will need to find your vehicle, get into the lineup and will follow the traffic out of the park, which could take a large amount of time, based on the size of the Disney parking lots.  However, if you are staying at a Disney resort you merely need to find the bus that takes you to your resort and you leave the park casually with everyone else. 

Staying at a Disney resort offers another element of magic to your Disney vacation.  Not only are they conveniently located, but they offer special amenities that only Disney can dream up.  Let me help you plan your next Disney magical experience. 

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