Some time ago I took a course that was designed to teach class members how to create a clear and concise message for advertising.  In order to make that possible, we had to spend some time gaining clarity about our business offerings, who could benefit the most from our services and what those people were “really” looking for when they shopped for our specific services.  That exercise in clarity was very challenging.  We all believe that anyone and everyone can benefit from our services, but when we try to get specific about who gets the most from our services, it can be very challenging.  Clarity is like looking through a camera, you can look through the lens and see a blurry bunch of color and then you can adjust the focus and bring that picture in loud and clear.  Either way, you can always see something through the lens, it’s up to you how clear to make the picture. 

No matter what we are trying to accomplish, gaining clarity is important and lack of clarity can be the biggest obstacle in our growth.  If we want to accomplish our goals, we first have to know what it is we really want.  Most people walk through life as what Zig Ziglar called a “wandering generality” and never really accomplish much.  In order to accomplish big things we first must spend some time figuring out what those “big things” look like.

Clarity is not always easy to find.  If you are trying to accomplish big or new things or trying to move on to a new stage in your life or business, it is a good idea to sit down and get very specific about what you really want.  Turn the lens on that camera until the picture gets clear and crisp.  Enlist the help of trusted friends or family if necessary, but don’t dive into anything big until you first take this step seriously.  

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