Disney’s Animal Kingdom – My Tips for Optimum Fun


Rare siting of Male Lion at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

If you follow my Instagram account you know that we love animals.  Just like all of the parks in the Disney family, the Animal Kingdom can get very busy, and it can be challenging to see all the attractions without careful planning.  Over the years we have developed a few tricks for ensuring we see and do what we plan.

If you have never been to the Animal Kingdom park it is important to determine the attractions you are interested in seeing.   The park has all kinds of animals but it also has some cool shows, great roller coasters for your teens and tweens,  a water ride for everyone,  an area just for smaller children,  and now the newest attraction Pandora, to name just a few of the attractions.  We previewed Pandora before it opened and those rides will be contenders for your time.   Each one of the items above deserves its own blog, so what I want to do with this blog is give you some tips to get through the park.

Here are some little tips we have learned for this park:

  • Make sure you utilize the fast pass system for your favorite rides and attractions.  That is the best way to ensure that, in peak seasons, you can get at least 3 of the attractions you really want.
  • Find out in advance the times for the shows.  You can get fast passes for the shows, Finding Nemo and Festival of The Lion King, but you can also often get in without a Fast Pass if you know when they are showing.  These shows are well worth seeing and have the added benefit of being shown at indoor theaters with AC and offer a great break in the hotter seasons.  
  • As I said we love the animals and always get a fast past for the Safari ride.  We don’t always care the time of our fast pass because we arrive early and go straight to the Safari ride.  We love the ride and do it with and without a Fast Pass. Going to that ride first always ensures we ride it first and often see the animals when they are pretty active.  This is personal preference and if my clients are interested in roller coasters I would advise them differently.
  • We are anxious to visit Pandora again in Sept., now that it is open.   We have noted that currently the ride wait times for the main ride “Avatar Flight of Passage” are in excess of 2 hours, so work your plan and plan your work. 
  • Now that the Animal Kingdom has a light show in the evening, you will want to make sure you plan to attend.  I would suggest a fast pass but we did manage to get some great seats last time and we did not have a fast pass.  I would not always count on that if you are there during peak season.
  • Finally if at all possible, in the heat of summer, plan on taking an afternoon break.  Plan your Fast Passes to give you a bit of a break in the heat of the day.  We have no small children with us, but we see lots of tired little ones slumped over in their strollers.  We go back to our hotel and have a swim and cool off, go to dinner and then go back to the park.  Taking a break is not a sin, it is your vacation, enjoy it all.  

We find it hard to have a favorite park, but we do love the Animal Kingdom because it is a zoo and then some.   This is the closest to a safari as we are likely to get.  For those with more adventurous leanings, there is always a real safari with Adventures by Disney.  The potential for fun with Disney is limitless.  

As always, if you are interested in learning more about Disney Destinations, and need help planning a trip, contact me.  Like me on Facebook and you will receive information on deals and tips for traveling to all amazing Disney Destinations.  It would be my privilege to help you create your own Mouse Magic.  

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