Making the Disney Dining Plan a Part of your Disney Vacation Package

Geyser Point a Quick Service option on Disney Dining Plans
Geyser Point – Quick Service

With the advent of the “Disney Your Way” special offers, the Disney Dining Plan is an option that can be added on to the vacation package.  Everyone is always a little leery of the Disney Dining Plan because it can be a little confusing.  Also, many people feel that they will spend more money on the plan and they can opt out of it thinking they can save money on their own.  I do believe that the meal plans will save money in the long run, but your Disney vacation plan will be just fine if you decide not to add the Disney Dining Plan.  

An additional advantage is that not only do you create an “all-inclusive” vacation, but you have an opportunity to plan all your meals ahead of time.  You can take some time to study the types of restaurants you would like to try and make reservations for the times you prefer to dine. 

Part of the reason many people avoid the dining plan is that for first-timers it can be a little confusing.  So let’s break down each plan to avoid confusion.

Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan

Quick Service meal option on Disney Dining Plan
Bison Burger from Geyser Point

Of the three plans, this is the most economical and is quick and simple.  If you are looking for an option that offers lots of the spur of the moment flexibility, then this is a good plan for you.   You’ll dine at Quick-Service locations, located throughout all the parks and in the resorts.   This plan allows you to stop when ever you like at Quick Service venues that do not require a reservation.  So when you’re ready to eat just stop, order at a counter or register, and then find a seat. In 2018 I believe guests will have several new beverage options including non-alcoholic specialty beverages and, for guests 21 and older, beer, wine, and cocktails.  

Disney Dining Plan

The Disney Dining Plan is a great option for those who enjoy some fine dining but still want some flexibility.  This plan provides everyone in the party ages 3 and over with 1 quick service meal, that is a meal at a quick service venue in the parks or resorts, 1 table-service meal, that is a sit-down meal, usually requiring a reservation and 2 snacks.  

This is a nice flexible plan and guest usually buy a breakfast or use some snacks to buy breakfast options like oatmeal or muffins etc.   For lunch, they get a quick service meal when they are out at the parks.  Then, for dinner, they enjoy and nice quiet meal at one of the many great restaurants.  Additionally, each guest ages 3 and over will receive a refillable drink mug, which is eligible for refills at self-service beverage islands at Quick-Service locations at any Disney Resort hotel.

New for 2018 vacation packages guests will have several new beverage options available including non-alcoholic specialty beverages and, for guests 21 and older, beer, wine and cocktails.

We enjoy this plan because it allows us to enjoy some great meals at the end of a lovely day and still is quite flexible for our plans during the day.  Guests with children will enjoy this option as well because there is no rushing around to get to a breakfast reservation and no need to stop for a reservation in the middle of a day. 

The Disney Deluxe Dining Plan

This plan if for true “foodies”.  If you enjoy trying different types of food from all around the world, Disney is the place to do it and this is the plan to do it with.  

The plan includes 3 meals to be used as either quick service or sit down meals, although the best value for this plan is to make three meal reservations a day. In addition to the three meals, each guest has 2 snacks per day.  We have used this plan often and it is a lot of fun to try new and interesting cuisines for each meal.  Usually these restaurants require reservations, and it is a good idea to book well in advance for some of the more popular restaurants.  

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