Five Things to Love About Cruising

disney cruise ship
Disney Cruise Ship

One of my favorite ways to travel is on a cruise.  Many people love cruising and many more wonder if it is the right mode of vacation for them.  Cruising can take you anywhere you want to go and makes an amazing vacation.  In this article I want to share my favorite reason for taking a cruise.   

A Cruise can Help You Completely Unplug

One of the best things about a cruise it that one can completely unplug if they so choose.  Let’s face it the cost of staying connected in international waters can be high, no matter how deep your employers pockets.  This fact makes it easy for travelers to feel a little less guilty for not checking emails.   Don’t get me wrong, all cruise lines offer communication availability, but when you are in the middle of an ocean it is easier to resist the temptation to check email and twitter.  

There is a Cruise for Every Taste and Every Age

Cruises today are no longer “one size fits all”.  Today there is everything from family and honeymoon cruises to adult only cruises designed for adult fun.  Not to mention there is everything in between.  One can take a cruise to exotic places or take a local river cruise, depending on your taste.   Cruising used to be more for the senior set, but today you only have look around the lido deck to see the diversity of ages and interests.  

There is a Cruise Destination for Every Adventure

Norwegian Cruise
Norwegian Cruise

Today you can go just about anywhere, for any reason, on a cruise.  There are fun-in-the-sun cruises, adventure cruises, photography cruises, eco cruises, senior cruises, river cruises, Alaska cruises and just about anything you can think of cruises.  The point is cruises are no longer limited in scope.

Additionally, there are even no time restraints with a cruise these days.  You can take a short cruise for a few days or do a long repositioning cruise for a couple weeks or more.   

You Can Sleep in the Same Bed Every Night

It is nice to unpack your bag at the beginning of your vacation and not have to pack up every day.  Although you can be in a new port every day, and do a different type of excursion, you can get back on the ship and enjoy a good night’s rest and be ready for your next adventure.  

The Food is Always Amazing

Cruise food
Cruise Food

Although it is not the main reason for cruising, it is wonderful to enjoy so of the worlds best foods on a cruise.  With many of the best chefs in the world working on cruise ships, it is so much fun to see what kinds of epicurean delights are whipped up on ships.  

I know there are lots of jokes about all the weight gained on cruises, but the truth is that the food on cruises these days is healthy and amazing.  Additionally their are gyms and spas to help keep things in check.  No matter where you go or for how long, you will enjoy the food.

If you have been thinking about a cruise, there is a lot to choose from today. Cruising has grown to be an travel specialty all its own and whatever you have in mind, there is likely a cruise to make it happen.  For more information please contact Sharon and together we can figure out the best cruise for you. 


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