Managing Others’ Expectations

Managing others expectations –  We are all asked to do tasks each day, either from a boss, client or customer, family member and so on. We have an understanding of what we are asked to do, and so does the person who asks for your help.  That person may or may not be on the same page as you about the task.  You could spend hours doing something that was entirely different from the original request.  To prevent mismanaged expectations and wasted time, try the feedback method to the other individual explaining what you think you’ve heard, then wait for any clarification or changes before you start your task. Once you’ve both sets of expectations in alignment, you will do just what you need to do and avoid wasting time. 

Managing what you expect from others – Another source of wasted time that involves our expectations is the frustration and disappointment we feel in the unfulfilled expectations of other people’s behavior. “Why won’t my clients, suppliers, kids, spouse, employees, friends, and so forth, act the way I think they should?  Sadly this is a problem you simply can’t solve, but it can waste a lot of time to keep trying.  You can never be pleased if you’re attached to the expectations or outcomes you have for others, regardless who they are.  The execution of all behavior by other people is in their hands, not yours.  Don’t waste time expecting everyone in your life to meet your expectations.  

Managing expectations requires we learn to comprehend and accept other people as they grow through the individual lessons life has thrown in their path, despite our attitudes, feelings, or opinions. They might not always act as we would have, or we think they should have, but that’s just the way it is…it simply is.

Whether we like it not we do waste a lot of time worrying about what we are expected to do and what we are expecting from others.  The key to getting your time back is to manage those expectations and move forward with the goals and plans we have for ourselves.

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