Mind Dump

Monday is often the day that thoughts, ideas, and things-to-remember clutter our minds to the point that many of us often can’t get anything done.  This is a challenge that I hear from many clients.  Their minds are always racing and it is almost impossible to turn it off and often because they are afraid of forgetting something important or letting someone down.

There is one mind-clearing-technique that I share with my clients that seem to work very well; the brain dump.  This is one of the best ways to release all those “to do” thoughts, creative ideas and clear your mind for rest and relaxation.

It is very simple all you have to do is to get a nice notebook and start writing.  To start, write everything that comes into your mind, in any order.  Don’t try to sort it out or organize the thoughts, just write.  You can write down anything, from stuff that makes your crazy, to stuff that needs to be done to packing lists and project ideas.  When done you will be able to sort through all the writing and create a list of action items.  

This technique is especially helpful if you are in the midst of trying to stay on top of many details in several areas of your life.  You can get it all down on paper, then allow your mind to relax and rest because there is no danger of forgetting anything with your new quick reference guide.  You can now focus on a few items at a time and systematically work through any project, all with a mind fresh from a good night’s sleep.  

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