Why Do I Need a Free Vacation Planner for Disney World?

The Castle

A few years ago when I first heard about travel planning for Disney destinations, I was skeptical that anyone would really need such a service.  I mean really, you go to the park, get a ticket and ride some rides.  Right?  That was before I understood just how much Disney World parks and destinations have grown and changed.  We visit Disney World at least twice a year and are surprised at the changes that happen in a six-month period.  Disney is not just about entertaining kids anymore, it is about creating an experience for families that they will want to repeat again and again.  

By using the services of a Vacation Planner who works exclusively with Disney destinations, you are working with someone who has dialed in their expertise to all things Disney. They can help you plan a vacation that allows everyone in your group to receive exactly what they want from their vacation, from Grandma to the youngest princess.  

Vacation Planners can save you a lot of time in research and booking.  What you have to Google is readily available to a vacation planner through their agents portal.  They can tell you where to find Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and why that is important.  They can also tell you how to use your meal plan, and create your fast passes.  All these things are simple once you get the hang of it, but can be overwhelming if you have never been to Walt Disney World.  

When you are working with a vacation planner you save money.  If you plan your vacation for October and buy your package, you may not know when changes come up that might save you money.  A planner will have their eye on your vacation right up until it is finished and will hone in on those details.  They can also tell you if there is a new activity going on in the parks during your stay that you may not get informed of until it is too late to take advantage of it.  

As a travel planner with Ears of Experience, I will help you with the details and answer questions that will make your trip worry free.  Ears of Experience has put in place systems and checklists to help their clients know exactly when to start booking meal reservations, transportation, fast passes and so on.  When your life gets hectic we are on top of the details of your vacation.  So when you are ready to go on your next Disney Adventure, let me know. 

You can contact me anytime.  

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