Organizing Is NEVER Enough

Although organizing your clutter is a great place to start, and will make you feel like you are in control, it is only a temporary solution.  If you have spent time and money on getting organized but you did not eliminate any of your possessions, you may find yourself doing the exact same thing in just a few months.  Why?  Because even though your stuff is organized, you still have too much of it!  As you buy new items that need storage, you will end up with the same clutter problem due to lack of space.  

The key to good organization is the step that allows you to make decisions about how to dispose of items you no longer use or just have grown tired of seeing.  The idea of getting rid of things can be very scary for some people, but it doesn’t have to cripple you.   Start slowly and go space-by-space throughout your home or office.  Treat the organization process more like a marathon rather than a sprint and don’t eliminate this critical step.  

So if you have taken the step to get organized yourself or you have even hired an organizer, but you feel like it hasn’t helped that much, ask yourself if you actually got rid of that much.  If the answer is “no” then it is time to rethink your organizing strategy.  Here are some easy, painless ways to reduce possessions.  

1.  Take five minutes per storage space and ask yourself what you haven’t used lately.  In your kitchen, for instance, you may have dishes, pots and pans or utensils that you have owned for years but you don’t remember the last time you used them.  Pull them out and donate these items to someone who may need just that item.

2.  In your closet, take out one or two items of clothing per month that you no longer wear because it is outdated or too small and put in a donate bag.  Do the same in your children’s closet.  

3.  For items, you use seasonally, like Christmas decorations, at the start of each new season remove one or two items you no longer use.  Get rid of all decorations that are broken or outdated.

It doesn’t have to hurt to make room for possessions and it doesn’t have to be done quickly.  However if you feel getting organized has not improved your life, ask yourself what’s missing?

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