10 Things to Pack for A Disney Parks Vacation


Epcot in the Spring

Disney Parks are a must for almost anyone to visit at least once.  In Florida, where the four Disney Parks are located, the sun shines most of the year making Disney Parks an ideal place to visit if one is coming from almost anywhere.  Like any climate, however, it is a good idea to do a little research and plan what additional items might be good to take along.  A well-planned vacation can be completely ruined by forgetting to pack a few small, but essential items.  

  • Sunscreen – Even when traveling in the winter months it is a very good idea to bring along some sunscreen.  Being so far south means the sun is very intense and one can burn very quickly.  It is possible to get very warm weather, even in the winter months and in the rest of the year, it is easy to burn even in the morning sun.  
  • Raincoats, umbrellas or ponchos – In the winter months, Florida has what would be considered the rainy season and it is quite possible to encounter quite a bit of rain.  In the fall rain is possible but not nearly as cool.  If it is not possible to pack these extra items, Disney is prepared, offering ponchos and umbrellas for sale for $5 or $10 each.  
  • Proper walking shoes – Disney parks are extensive and it is not uncommon to walk 5-10 miles in a day, so fit flops and high heels, however comfortable they are in other instances, will lead to a very painful experience.
  • Allergy medication – With all the sunshine and rain in Florida, it is not uncommon for the heartiest of individuals to experience allergies, no matter what season so throwing in a little allergy medication may make the trip more pleasant. 
  • Band aids and blister shield- With all the walking it is not uncommon to develop blisters even in shoes one commonly wears.  The high humidity and the additional walking combine to create perfect conditions for blisters.
  • Advil – With all the additional activity, aches and pains can develop, Advil will come in handy.
  • Swim suits – although most people think of spending all their time in the parks, it is nice to take a break and let everyone enjoy the pools available at all the Disney resorts.  
  • Charging stations – although this is not a necessity, with all the devices that we all carry having a charging station will optimize the electrical outlets in any of the Disney resort rooms.  
  • Hats – Just as sunscreen is a good idea, a hat will also ensure some additional sun protection.  
  • Layers of clothing – Winter in Florida can range from cool to cold.  We have traveled to Disney World when it has been sunny and pleasant all day and cool enough for a sweater in the evening.  And we have also been to Disney World when we have felt we needed a parka.  The humidity in Florida makes cool seem cold and warm seem hot.  It is a good practice to follow the Orlando area weather for a couple of weeks before your trip to help you get a feel for the type of clothing you need.  

Although I live in Texas where the weather is generally pretty nice, Florida is one of my favorite places to visit, not for the weather but it is a fun and unique state.  The entire state is beautiful and green. If one drives to their vacation there is plenty to do and see along the way.  Adding a few items to your bags will prevent vacationers from needing to find them while on vacation in the parks.


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  1. Great tips! Especially for such fun-filled outing like this. It’s always nice to be reminded of the little things that often go forgotten and could easily make a great day a mediocre day! Thanks for sharing!

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