Park Hopper Ticket at Walt Disney World

Visit Walt Disney World's  Epcot Park in the Morning...
Visit Walt Disney World’s Epcot Park in the Morning…

When visiting Walt Disney World® Parks, the three pieces of your trip that need to be considered before we start building your itinerary, your resort reservation, your park tickets, either the Base Ticket or the Park Hopper Ticket,  and whether or not you will use a meal plan.

One of the confusing pieces of the trip puzzle for many people is choosing the right ticket package, the Base Ticket or the Park Hopper Ticket.  If you leave that until you get to the park, it can be very confusing standing in line trying to make the right choice.   That is why I like to help my clients with these choices before they begin the trip.  Let’s look at your options available.   

  • The Magic Your Way Base Ticket at Walt Disney World allows you to visit one park per day for the number of days the ticket was purchased. For example, if you bought a three-day ticket, you could visit one of the parks each day for three days.  You can come and go at that park that day, but not to other parks that day.  If you tried to go to more than one park on any given day, you would not be able to enter.
  • The Magic Your Way Base Ticket with Park Hopper® Option at Walt Disney World allows you to visit multiple parks in one day. As you can imagine, this option costs a little more. However; the good news is the additional cost is a flat fee per ticket, regardless of the number of days purchased.

So what is the advantage to adding the Park Hopper Ticket feature? That depends a little on your situation.  The Park Hopper feature offers a level of flexibility, time management when we build your schedule.  However one can have lots of fun either way.  

With the Magic Your Way Base Ticket, you can simply plan to go to your park of choice for that day.  If you go early and stay late it could be exhausting, but you are able to leave and come back to that park later.  For example, go to the Magic Kingdom when it opens and visit your favorite rides, then go back to your resort and relax by the pool.  Return later and take in more rides on your favorites list, and stay for the fireworks at night.

That all sounds great and anyone can have lots of fun using the base ticket, so don’t be discouraged if your budget only allows for the base ticket.  This is “The Magic Kingdom” after all, you are still going to have fun.  

Use the Walt Disney World Park Hopper Ticket to visit the Light Show at The Animal Kingdom Park in the evening.
Use the Walt Disney World Park Hopper Ticket to visit the Light Show at The Animal Kingdom Park in the evening.

But there are some benefits to the Park Hopper Ticket feature to consider and the primary benefit is the flexibility it gives your trip.  By using the Park Hopper feature you can take advantage of crowd patterns in various parks to cut down on lines, making the trip a bit more leisurely.  By going to the Magic Kingdom® Park when it opens, you can enjoy the popular attractions before the lines get too long. Then, by using the Park Hopper Ticket you can take a mid-day break before heading over to the Epcot® World Showcase for touring of the countries and a leisurely dinner. The next day you could go to Epcot® in the morning for the popular attractions there and then visit  Disney’s HollywoodStudiosTM later in the day. Repeat this for four days and your Park Hopper option will allow you to enjoy at least eight park-visit variations during your four-day vacation. 

If, as we suggest, you stay at a Walt Disney World® Property,  you will also be able to take advantage of the Extra Magic Hours benefit.   Extra Magic Hours means Disney has added extra park access, or extended open hours, to a selected park either in the morning or at night.  By coupling this feature with the Park Hopper option, you can be at one park early in the morning, then when it starts to get busy you can move to another park or spend time at your resort then go to Extra Magic hours that evening in another park.  It takes a little planning on your trip, but this can greatly enhance your Disney experience by allowing you to enjoy more attractions and fewer lines.  

Whether or not you add the Park Hopper feature is a personal preference. Hopefully, you now you have more information to make a decision you and your traveling companions can feel comfortable with. Good news though, if you choose the Magic Your Way Base Ticket and decide during your trip you want to add the Park Hopper feature, you can!  Guest Relations in any park will be able to help you.

Discover the magic of Walt Disney World® Resorts and parks on a Walt Disney World® family vacation, and share the joy of Mickey Mouse and company with your kids. Let Ears of Experience plan the perfect Disney trip for you and your loved ones. Contact us today at 214-264-7146. We look forward to “helping you create your own mouse magic.”

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