Enjoying the Magic Kingdom – Planning Your Disney Vacation

1. Decide at the beginning of vacation if you are an early morning family, if you are not, familiarize yourself with park schedules to enjoy late magic hours.

2. If you want to take advantage of late night extended hours, take it easy in the morning.  Don’t squeeze too much in one day and wear everyone out.

3.  Develop a daily routine of when you eat, go to bed etc, that way the children don’t wear out in the middle of the fun.

4.  Familiarize yourself with the parks and create a plan to get to the rides or shows that are of most interest.  

5.  When you are planning your trip, take advantage of the fast pass program.  This will allow you to ride the most popular rides at least once without standing in long lines.

6.  If you have never visited Florida you will be surprised at just how hard heat and humidity can be on the body.  Stay hydrated and take lots of breaks.  

7.  Wear the most comfortable shoes you can find, it will amaze you just how far you will walk in a day.

8.  Stay at one of the Disney properties.  There are properties to fit every budget and tastes, from value to luxury spa resorts.  All Disney resorts offer cool Disney touches but beyond that,  staying on property offers the option of using the Disney transportation system.  That is invaluable in getting the most out of the park.

9.  If you are going to the park early, arrive 15 minutes early and you can watch the opening, that is fun and of course, you get a bit of a head start on the rides.  

We visit the Disney World at least once, and more often twice a year and we see lots of families who are walking around exhausted and lost.  A successful Disney vacation happens long before you set foot in the park.  Plan your visit well and work your plan.  

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