Be Prepared for Cool Stuff to Happen

Cool Things Can Happen When You are Looking Around

While on vacation, my husband and I were walking along a path at our resort and we happened upon this resting bird nestled into the high grass along the water.  He was just bedding down for the night and luckily I had my camera with me and I was able to capture him as he rested.  It rarely happens that I have a chance at such a cool picture and I am usually never prepared with my camera in hand when it does.  It makes me wonder how many pictures like this I have missed because I am not prepared with my camera.  Cool stuff is happening all the time and I am just not ready to notice it or capture it.

The same is true of life, cool stuff is happening all around us and we can miss it unless we are looking for it and are ready to capture it.  I observe a lot of people walking around these days with their faces pointed in the direction of their phone.  Even on vacation, there are lots of people more interested in their screens than whatever they are doing.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for screens, I use mine a lot, but I also think we would all be much happier if we looked up once in awhile to see what’s going on around us.  Notice people, pets, friends, conversations, and things we could photograph.  

So what cool things are you missing every day because you are too concerned about work, what people think of you, how you look, your next big deal or job promotion.  Take a little time a couple times a day to stop what you are doing and just look around.  What is you child doing that is new, have you talked to your best friend lately, have you done something just for fun in a while.  Start looking for the cool stuff that interests you and you will be surprised at how much smoother the rest of your life will go.  


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