10 Tips for Surviving the Heat at Walt Disney World in Summer

Magic Kingdom Main Street - Walt Disney World
Magic Kingdom Main Street – Walt Disney World

Many folks like to escape winter with a visit to Florida and Walt Disney World and that is a great time to visit.  Crowds are less and it is not nearly as hot as the summer time.  Others do not have the luxury of going in the winter, either because of work or school restraints, therefore they come in summer.   Although summer in most of the US or Canada can be quite hot, the humidity in Florida and Walt Disney World can unexpectedly derail one’s vacation if the proper precautions are not taken.  Visitors coming from other parts of the world where summer is a pleasant time of year with only intermittent periods of super heat will be taken even more off guard.  Here are a few tips to help make your vacation a little more pleasant.  

  • Plan to do most of your activities at the Walt Disney World parks early in the morning and take advantage of all the early and late “magic hours” available.  Careful planning around the magic hours will allow for the minimum amount of time spent in long lines in the heat.  A 90-degree day, although bearable in most places, is excruciating when 90% humidity is added.  The dry heat really is better than wet heat.
  • Carefully plan to take advantage of your Fast Passes.  This is the time of year you want to make sure that you plan your fast passes at Walt Disney World parks on the first day that your reservation allows you to plan them.  Remember staying on a Walt Disney World property allows you to plan further out than if you are on a non-Disney property.
  • Utilize the water parks. Disney offers two places you can get wet all day.  Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.  If ever there was a time to add water parks to your ticket option, summer in Orlando is one of them.
  • If going to the water parks is not an option, plan to spend most of the afternoon at the pool in your resort.  All Disney resorts offer amazing pools that are large and made for families.  Children love the water and if you spend the morning at a park, take the afternoon off and visit the pool.  Your kids will have tons of fun and you can refresh yourself as well.  
  • If you must be at a park, plan some indoor activities.  The Animal Kingdom Park has some shows that are all indoors with air conditioning and they have Kali River water ride, which is sure to get you wet.  The Magic Kingdom also has some attractions like Hall of Presidents, Philharmagic, It;s a Small World to name a few.  The Epcot World Showcase has many pavilions to go into to get some AC as well.  Hollywood Studios also has a few attractions with AC but less so than the other parks.  Be sure to utilize your Fast Passes for these kinds of attractions in the afternoon so you don’t stand outside in line to get into the rides or shows. 
  • Take water with you where ever you go.  I recommend adults get a water back pack like bikers and hikers wear so they don’t have to carry theirs and their children’s water.  
  • Take lots of breaks, don’t try to rush through the parks in the heat.
  • Carry as little as possible.  I see people carrying so much with them into the parks, this is the time of year to become a minimalist.  When I visit WDW I don’t even carry a handbag.  I take a credit card and id and my phone.  If you have children in strollers, use the stroller to carry extra stuff, don’t carry it all yourself. 
  • The plastic strollers that can be rented at the parks will get hot when left in the sun, be sure your little ones don’t burn themselves hopping back in after a ride.  
  • Take small children back to the resort for a little nap in the heat of the day.  When little children are stuffed in a stroller in the heat, we don’t realize how hot they can be, so taking them for a little nap can make all the difference in how much they enjoy the parks.  

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