The Benefits of Being Organized

Sometimes it’s hard to get started on the path to good time management and organizing your space because it is hard to see the benefit.  I have talked with many people who tell me that “it just never sticks” or “I don’t know where to start” and therefore they find it hard to see why gaining control of time and space even matters.  There are however more that a few benefits to harnessing some life strategies for being organized and on top of time and tasks.

1.  Organized people gain a sense of control over their environment and their time.  This may seem insignificant but when we feel that we have control of our space and our calendar, we can actually relax a little better.  We know what’s coming next which takes the urgency and the drama out of everyday situations. 

2.  Getting organized gives you back some space.  Have you ever noticed that when you clean up and organize a space you find you actually have more space when everything has a place to live?  

3.  You can sleep a little later because you can find your stuff.  Have you ever been trying to get out of the house in the morning and you can’t find your keys or phone?  When you are organized all those items you need each morning will be right where they are supposed to be waiting for you each morning.  

4.  You can spend more time doing the things you love.  Once you are organized and you start to take control of your time and tasks, you will notice that you have more time for fun things you enjoy.

5.  It will save you money because you will no longer need to buy things you already own but can’t find.  

6.  You will be able to entertain more.  Many times my clients tell me they have not entertained in their home for years because they are just too embarrassed.

There are countless benefits to being more organized with your time and space, both personally and professionally.  Each time I am asked to assist someone to get organized or coach them for time management or other skill development they have a different story and a different reason that they have come to the place of needing assistance.   I can come up with lots of benefits, but the only benefit that matters is the one that speaks to you.  

Need help getting organized?  Email me and let’s talk.  

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