Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Get the Most from the Park

Street in Hollywood Studios
Hollywood Studios Street

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a great place to visit for all the “movie buffs” who visit the Magic Kingdom.  There is fine dining, exciting, movie-themed shows and, by all accounts, some great roller coasters.  It is also in close proximity to Epcot on foot or by boat.  

Epcot is home to my favorite attraction Toy Story Mania.  It is not easy to get into because it is so popular, but it is well worth the wait.  I am not a “roller coaster” person but there are some thrilling coaster style rides in this park.  

Here are a few things we have found helpful when coming to this park:

  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios is an open and airy park with minimal foliage and can be very hot.  Be sure you to drink plenty of water and plan to take your time through this park.
  • Make sure you plan your fast passes to include your favorite rides because it can be difficult to get rides link Toy Story Mania.
  • We like to come early for this park because it really does seem less busy and we will often plan a meal at Epcot so we can just take a scenic boat ride and come in the back door to Epcot.
  • Take a break at the Starbucks which is near the entrance to the park.  We usually do a few rides and then take a break with an iced drink.  
  • All the parks have great foods, but we do enjoy the healthy choice quick service options at this park, so take the time to check out your choices.  

Whether you are a movie buff or love roller coasters Hollywood Studios is a really fun park with plenty to do to keep you entertained.  Since we are not roller coaster people, we spend most of the day at this park and then take the boat (or walk depending on heat) to Epcot.  You will learn to do Hollywood Studios your way when you make your own mouse magic.

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