Travel Agent – How Much Will They Cost?

Cruise sights made possible by your Inteletravel Travel Agent!
Cruise sights made possible by your Inteletravel Travel Agent!

I am often confronted by people who think that there is a huge fee associated with working with a travel agent, and so they are afraid to talk to me.  Even people who know you well are afraid to call you.  They simply can’t afford to pay someone to plan their vacation.

I will get phone calls from folks looking for information that a travel agent provides but will just ask a few random questions and then get off the phone quickly in case I charge by the minute.  These folks need help but have no idea what it will cost them.  The whole subject is a minefield because no one really knows exactly how travel agents get paid.  So it is not surprising that when you are first contemplating booking your next vacation with a travel agent, you’ll likely wonder how expensive they’ll be.


After all, you’re already spending X amount on your trip, and —can you splurge on a travel agent, too?

While some other travel agents charge their clients fees, InteleTravel Travel Agents don’t.  That’s right, we do not add more to your trip just for their help.  

This means that a portion of what you pay to that hotel or airline goes directly to your travel agent, with no additional cost to you.  You would pay the same amount for your trip whether you use an Inteletravel agent, or not but have the benefit of help with planning the perfect trip.  

So, you can either spend money and tons of time, booking your own trip and waste a lot of your precious time mapping out your itinerary—or you can pay the same amount of money while having a personalized travel agent helping to build the perfect vacation for you.  

That’s a no-brainer, right!  So if you are looking for help planning your next vacation, contact me at or 214-264-7146




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