Travel Insurance Benefits from Authorized Disney Vacation Planner

Protect your Walt Disney World Trip with Travel Insurance
Walt Disney World

As an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, I not only plan for vacations in Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Lines, and Adventures by Disney, but I also recommend travel insurance.  Most people refuse the option of travel insurance, thinking nothing bad can possibly happen to them and that there is no way their trip will not happen.   I try not to push anyone into purchasing products they clearly don’t want, but I do believe that travel insurance offers a level of security that is often underestimated.

Bad Things Can Happen and Travel Insurance can Help

Sometimes crazy things can actually happen on or before a trip, and insurance can be useful to help you redeem a bad situation and prevent unnecessary additional expenses.   It can’t fix the problems, but it can stop the problem from costing you the money you spent on your vacation.  Here are a few real-life scenarios (which have happened) to consider when thinking about whether or not the purchase is a smart choice for you: 

  • Protect your Disney Cruise with Travel Insurance
    Disney Cruise

    You are pushing your stroller when you trip and fall boarding the monorail. You break your leg.  If you have travel insurance, you are covered! 

  • A culinary experience brings you serious gastric distress and you need immediate medical attention.  If you have travel insurance, you are covered. 
  • You are enjoying your cruise vacation when you fall extremely ill and need to be evacuated to the nearest medical facility. Travel insurance will cover your flight off the ship to the nearest medical facility. 
  • A Nor’easter cancels tonight’s airport flights and you are on are on your way to your Disney Cruise and you miss the departure time.  With travel insurance, you will get your cruise money back.  
  • You are in a car accident on your way to the airport and you are forced to cancel your vacation.  If you have travel insurance your vacation money is not lost.  

Four Good Reasons for Travel Insurance  

 Cash reimbursement for trip cancellation and/or interruption.

Provides coverage for costly out-of-network medical evacuation. 

Enjoy worldwide travel assistance. 

Dedicated 24/7 customer care for when you need help. 

I know that when planning a large event, the costs can add up and often the first casualty are items that do not produce “fun.  However, if you have an accident or illness and have to cancel the trip, or you are injured on the trip your travel insurance will be the most important part of your vacation purchase.   Protect yourself from the unexpected and give yourself some peace of mind.  

Haven’t planned your Disney vacation yet?  Request a quote from Your Mouse Expert.  

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