Travel Insurance – Hope You Never Need It!

 Fundamentally I really hate buying insurance.  It goes against my nature to assume the worst, however, insurance does have a valuable place.  When it comes to travel insurance, just ask someone who has had to use it to estimate it’s value.  You might be surprised.   We all know about what we consider essential insurance, health, home, auto, boat, the list goes on.   Most of us don’t think twice about purchasing these types of insurance.

Travel insurance may be viewed as optional, because most of us feel that once we have decided to go on vacation, we are going. But as with everything “life happens” and “life can sometimes get in the way of our best laid plans.  And when that happens travel insurance is not such a bad idea.  As an Inteletravel affiliated agent I work with Travel Insured, a company that has been a leading travel insurer for over twenty years.  

Here’s 6 Practical Reasons to Purchase a Travel Protection Plan from Travel Insured to keep the vaca-vibes flowing:

1) Trip Interruption:

Vacations can get interrupted for many reason, and most are unforeseen.  Family emergency at home, someone in your party is ill or injured, genuine work emergency, all out of your control.   All those unused vacation arrangements and added transportation costs can add up. 

2) Trip Delay:

It’s certainly not uncommon to experience delays, especially in the airport. That feeling of being stranded in the airport with imminent dollar signs adding up as you make arrangements to wait out the delay can truly be a vacation downer.  The airlines are often not all that generous with vouchers for unexpected overnight stays and food costs. Travel insurance can cover reasonable replacement hotel and meal costs when you’re delayed! 

3) Baggage Delay:

A good travel insurance plan can reimburse you for necessary clothing and personal items should your baggage go around the world without you.  Always check to see what is covered buy but if you are coming to the beaches of Hawaii from Chicago, and all you have are your winter parka and sweaters and jeans, it might be nice to be able to buy some shorts and swim suits until you see your luggage again.  

4) Baggage Lost, Stolen, or Damaged:

Or even worse: your baggage is lost, stolen, or damaged. Gone permanently: forever and always! Now what do you do? Travel Insured plans offer options to insure that all the money you spent on your vacation, is not lost because you spent all your time worrying about replacing your stuff.  

5) Noninsurance Assistance Benefits (provided by OnCall International):

Many plans offer coverage for an array of noninsurance assistance services that help ensure your trip is as bump-free as possible. From ID/credit recovery assistance to concierge service to prescription drug and eyeglass replacement – Travel Insured plans help you plan for the worst and hope for the best.

6) Travel Medical Evacuation Plans

Disney Cruise Ship
Travel Insurance will make your cruise worry free!

Most of us never think we will be sick on vacation.  But the more I have traveled and planned travel for others, the more I recommend a policy that includes a medical options, especially on cruises or on vacations that take you out of the the United States or Canada.  Medical costs to evacuate alone, can be staggering, but aside from that, getting the help you need without worrying about the cost is worth the small price of your travel insurance.  

There is a lot of value in travel insurance and I offer it to every one I work with, but it is optional.  For more in depth information about travel insurance, contact me at Visit our website, or ask about it when I plan your next vacation.  Visit my travel web site at and craft your next memory.  

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