The Visual Learner…Color is Your Friend

Are you one of those people who has to see things in action to really understand how they work?  Are you imaginative and creative? Do you have many competing ideas and projects going on in your head at once? Do you find it difficult to stay organized because you find it hard to stay on one task for any length of time?  Is your workspace filled with many projects at various stages of completion?

You likely have a “visual work style” and you often ‘see’ items that stimulate new ideas and possibilities even in the middle of a completely unrelated project.  Thoughts and ideas constantly bombard your mind.  Solutions to problems or challenges come to you at random times during the day and night.  You are easily stimulated and can become frustrated and overwhelmed over time because you can get buried in clutter from your creative ideas.  

Your style does pose more challenges to getting and staying organizing, especially if you hire someone to just “get you organized”.  It is important for you to work with someone who is willing to work with you and coach you with ideas on how to manage life from day-to-day.   

One of the first things all visual people should develop is a color-coded system for staying organized.  You can start this by determining the types of categories or groupings that you work with throughout your day.  If staying on top of projects is a problem, perhaps you create a red folder for tasks due immediately, a green folder for items of less urgency and yellow for items that are good ideas, but not urgent needs.  Whatever you need to organize, if you have a visual work style, you are going to associate colors much easier than words. 

Since ideas often come to you randomly, it is a good idea to always have some way to record ideas to be accessed later.  If you have a smartphone you can just use the recording feature and record them for future reference.  That way you can reduce the distraction of those random thoughts.  

I also recommend that visuals never file their work where they can’t see it.  Utilize desktop filing systems and open filing cabinets to ensure that you don’t “lose” things.  

I have never met a visual who does not wake up in the middle of the night with solutions to problems or ideas for new projects.  To ensure that you properly record these “eureka moments”, keep a pen and paper on your nightstand and write them down before going back to sleep.  

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